The Teeth of Giants by Gordon Wallis

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The Teeth Of Giants

In the brutal war on Elephant poaching in Africa, one man takes a stand against a ruthless international ivory smuggling syndicate. A stand that almost costs him everything.

Jason Green never for one minute expected the appalling violence and horror he would endure when he returned to Africa to pay his respects to an old friend. 

A profound sense of guilt and nostalgia prompts London based ex-soldier Jason Green to return to Africa for the funeral of an old friend killed in suspicious circumstances in The Zambezi Valley. He is about to be sucked into the murky and brutal underworld of the illegal ivory trade. Grave injury and a burning desire for revenge thrust Green from the blistering heat of The Zambezi Valley to the tropical coast of Mozambique and beyond. Every tortured step of this journey is fraught with extreme danger and the ever-present threat of death. 

The Teeth Of Giants is the second novel by Gordon Wallis featuring his main character Jason Green. Readers of thrillers set in Africa will devour the frenetic pace and sheer brutality of this gritty crime thriller. 

Pick up The Teeth Of Giants today and prepare for the ride of your life

The Teeth of Giants by Gordon Wallis

Published 7th April 2019

285 pages

Regardless of where you live, you have probably heard of the poachers around the world killing animals into extinction. But what if one man fights back

As I was writing this review, I was surprised that this is the 2nd in the series, not having read the first I was not at a disadvantage and this makes a great standalone. In fact, I am going to read the 1st in the series as I really liked Jason Green. From the start, he was a man of principles and when he learnt of the death of his old comrade, he dropped everything to pay his respects. From the moment he stepped onto African soil, he became a man on a mission.

This story was well plotted and as you follow Jason on his missions you realise what a good soldier he was and how well prepared he had to be to get the job done. Following him, step by step gives you the chance to appreciate how beautiful the African country is and the vast array of animals there are in Africa.

You can tell straight away that this book was well researched and you a drawn into this story by the author’s passion for his own country. Whilst I was reading, I was also learning how dangerous the poachers could be and the horrific ways they go out about killing the animals for profit.  Jason Green is ex-military so expect some killings, although some were down to mother nature. This is a thriller that you won’t want to put down and I was at a loss when I had finished it. Another author on my watch list and this is a perfect read for thriller lovers

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Author Bio – Gordon Wallis is a 50-year-old author based in Zimbabwe, Southern Africa. Born of British parents he has lived there all his life. A keen reader of thriller novels, particularly those set in Africa, he has travelled extensively in Africa, Europe, The Middle East and Asia. He runs a number of businesses in Zimbabwe and is single.

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