Closer Than You Think by Darren O’Sullivan

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Closer Than You Think by Darren O’Sullivan

Published by HQ Digital on 15th March 2019

277 pages

There are a lot of psychological thrillers on the market at the moment. We follow the case, the serial killer gets caught, end of the story. But what if there is a survivor and the killer is still out there. Closer Than You Think is that story.

Claire Moore is a sole survivor of The Black-Out Killer, thinking she is now safe, she is trying to rebuild her life. 10 years on she has moved to England, but making a recovery is hard than you think.

Written from Claire’s POV, enables you to see what physical and emotional damage the Black Out Killer caused her that fateful night in Ireland and how hard she was finding it to rebuild her life, even dipping her toes into a starting a new relationship. As I followed Claire through her healing, my heart went out to her, every small step of achievement had me rooting for her to be the survivor. Her visit to her husband’s grave was moving and you could feel the build-up of 10 years of guilt tinged with survivor’s guilt.

Whilst following Claire, we also follow the Killer and through his story, we find out the reasons behind why he wanted to kill, what drew him to his victims and why he stopped and restarted.

Although we know a lot about him, there was no clue to his identity. The author had a way of leading you down the wrong path and when you are certain that you know who it is, further in the book, you realise you are wrong. Not knowing the real killer until the end will have you quickly turning the pages. As for the ending, well it is up to you.

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