Where the Dead Walk by John Bowen

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Where the Dead Walk by John Bowen

Published 12th April 2014

386 pages

In preparation for my turn on the Crow’s Cottage blog tour. I read the 1st book in the Where the Dead walk series.

With Paranormal series being popular on cable Tv, Kate Bennett is the presenter of the popular show “Where the Dead Walk”. Kate and her crew travel all around the country showcasing “supposedly” haunted properties. With ratings sliding, they are looking for the next sensation. So, when Sebastian Dahl invites her on a tour of one of his properties she jumps at the chance. However, with ties to her unknown past, Kate doesn’t know who to trust.

Kate was the happy go lucky star in front of the camera, but her private life was full of grief. As you read this story, you learn how many family members she has lost in horrific circumstances. It was understandable why she jumped at the chance to learn more about her biological mother. Her obsessive nature did cause a split in the team.

Sebastian Dahl as we read had a hidden agenda. He was a manipulator and always got what he wanted. I could understand why Kate fell for his charms.    

Adding aspects of the supernatural enables the author to explain the unexplainable and as the house is the centre of the investigation the black magic element to the story plays a big part. Details of Kate’s past is revealed throughout the story and helps explains the link between Kate and Sebastian. To get the history of the magic, anthropologist Margaret Hawley’s story is told. With 3 different stories running at once sounds confusing but it wasn’t. They all linked together and helped explain what was going on with the house. Whilst Kate was the star of the show, I felt that Henry White and Ray Darling were the real detectives.

This book had many layers running through the story. Even though it is a paranormal thriller, it is also a story about grief and unrequited love. I enjoy reading a book that makes you want to carry on reading to find out what happened and this is one such book.

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