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Crow’s Cottage: A Supernatural Thriller (Where the Dead Walk book 2) by John Bowen

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My turn has come on the Crow’s Cottage blog tour. The 2nd in the Where the Dead Walk series by John Bowen.

Crow’s Cottage: A Supernatural Thriller (Where the Dead Walk book 2) by John Bowen

Published 29th March 2019

343 pages

With Kate and Henry taking a step back in the production of Where the Dead Walk TV series, a new face is found to front the show.  When Ray is asked to investigate Crow’s Cottage, the whole team are on board. A mysterious figure is spotted, a missing model, a dead record producer and links to the Occult, all good ingredients to a great TV show.

Chloe was a good addition to the team, fresh-faced and not afraid to confront supernatural beings. She quickly became an integral part of the group and even with her own problems, she did not let this get in the way of the story. With Kate and Henry not in the story, it enables you to learn more about Ray and Charles and they did have a bigger part to play in this story. Charles came across more confident in this story and uses his connections with the supernatural community to help learn more about the history of the Mephisto Arcane and the group who created it. With Crow’s Cottage having so much history, a lot of the story is based around the team doing the research for the show. As you follow the team on their research you learn about the residents of the cottage. As the team find out more information, uncovering more secrets the further they look, you soon realise it is not just a simple haunting but blackmail and murder.

I enjoyed the 1st in the series, but this book was even better. The team’s research helps tell the story and you get involved in at least 2 different mysteries. There were enough twists that kept you hooked in the story and some of the events were unexpected. The blend of supernatural and mystery was evenly balanced and readers of both genres will enjoy this book.

Whilst this states it is 2 of 2, I hope there is more to come of this series in the future, either another story or spin-off stories enabling me to learn more about the crew.

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Abirami Forbes and the Magic Sapphire by Priya Hunt

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Abirami Forbes and the Magic Sapphire by Priya Hunt

Published by Matador on 3rd February 2019

273 pages

After her mom died when she was a baby, Abirami, Abi to her friends lived with her twin sister and her dad. They had a great life in England until one day it went tragically wrong. Losing the remainder of her family, her dad’s last wishes was for her to live in India and get taught at Gurukull, an ancient dance school. Not knowing anything about her Indian heritage, Abi has a lot to learn, not only does she have to learn to dance, she has to come face to face with Indian mythology.

I liked Abi straight away. Going to a different country and not knowing anything about the culture was hard for her and I could understand her hesitant to fit in. However, throughout the story, Abi’s heart of gold and friendly nature was evident. Her befriending a homeless boy at the station was one such scene. Her determination was strong, whether it was to be the best dancer or wanting to visit her mom, she always strived to do the best.

This story is magical read as you follow Abi on her journey of discovery. I loved reading about the ancient gods and creatures that Abi came into contact with and whilst I knew a small amount about Indian mythology, it has given me a thirst to learn more.

This book is perfect for any age. It is an ideal book to read to your young ones as a bedtime story with enough excitement to give them a thrill or for older children and adults to read. My only regret is that my children are too old for me to read it to them as I would have loved to see their faces when Abi came face to face with the Nagas.

I am going to keep a look out for more from this author as I want to read more of their work.

Where the Dead Walk by John Bowen

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Where the Dead Walk by John Bowen

Published 12th April 2014

386 pages

In preparation for my turn on the Crow’s Cottage blog tour. I read the 1st book in the Where the Dead walk series.

With Paranormal series being popular on cable Tv, Kate Bennett is the presenter of the popular show “Where the Dead Walk”. Kate and her crew travel all around the country showcasing “supposedly” haunted properties. With ratings sliding, they are looking for the next sensation. So, when Sebastian Dahl invites her on a tour of one of his properties she jumps at the chance. However, with ties to her unknown past, Kate doesn’t know who to trust.

Kate was the happy go lucky star in front of the camera, but her private life was full of grief. As you read this story, you learn how many family members she has lost in horrific circumstances. It was understandable why she jumped at the chance to learn more about her biological mother. Her obsessive nature did cause a split in the team.

Sebastian Dahl as we read had a hidden agenda. He was a manipulator and always got what he wanted. I could understand why Kate fell for his charms.    

Adding aspects of the supernatural enables the author to explain the unexplainable and as the house is the centre of the investigation the black magic element to the story plays a big part. Details of Kate’s past is revealed throughout the story and helps explains the link between Kate and Sebastian. To get the history of the magic, anthropologist Margaret Hawley’s story is told. With 3 different stories running at once sounds confusing but it wasn’t. They all linked together and helped explain what was going on with the house. Whilst Kate was the star of the show, I felt that Henry White and Ray Darling were the real detectives.

This book had many layers running through the story. Even though it is a paranormal thriller, it is also a story about grief and unrequited love. I enjoy reading a book that makes you want to carry on reading to find out what happened and this is one such book.

Winter Freits (Black Shuck Shadows Book 9) by Andrew David Barker

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Winter Freits (Black Shuck Shadows Book 9) by Andrew David Barker

Published by Black Shuck Books on 15th February 2019 (Kindle Edition)

120 pages

I always look forward to a new book in the Black Shuck Shadow series. Whether I have read the author or not, I will always one click straight away.

The latest book Winter Freits features 3 winter-themed short stories. Polar Vortex, The House on Lidderman Street and Christopher.

Polar Vortex: A woman wakes up in the snow, injured and with no memory. As she slowly recovers her body and mind, she is haunted by a shadowy dark figure. From the start, you are drawn into this story as you want to know the same answers to her questions. Who is she? What is she doing there? As you read this story, you can sense her desperation as she tries to get her memory back and the concern that she is alone in the middle of nowhere. The appearance of the figure adds to her worries as she fears her life is in danger. This story is well plotted and all becomes clear at the end.

The House on Lidderman Street: Told twenty years after the event, Peter tells his tale of the goings on at Lidderman Street. Written in 3rd person POV, you can imagine sitting there listening to his tale. As soon as I began this story, I felt sorry for Peter, a young lad who was bullied by his work colleagues. The moment he is asked to decorate a run-down house, you know that something is going to happen. The strange noises and the feeling that something is there had me turning the pages at lightning rate as I wanted to find out about the mystery. A ghost story with a great ending.

Christopher: Daniel Swathe was at the point of suicide, wanting to cheer him up, his wife Carol and his best friend Lee decided to take him to a reunion at their old secondary school, just before it was knocked down. As you read this story you understand why Daniel was depressed. Whilst this is a supernatural story, it is a story of grief and loss. Not wanting to give anything away, this was an emotional read.

Whilst I have heard of this author, this was the 1st time I had read any of his works and I am definitely going to pick up more of his stories. This book is perfect for anyone who has a spare 20 minutes to read a story. You can pick it up and read whenever you have the time and not have to worry about missing out on any of the stories.

A great addition to the series.  

Slipping Through: Journey Through Different Dimensions by Miranda Kate

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Slipping Through: Journey Through Different Dimensions by Miranda Kate

Published 14th July 2018

118 pages

Having a common theme of travelling through time, this book contains 2 short stories and a novella.

InterDimensioning: Travelling via portals Elise and Logan arrive in a strange place where there was no human contact and the trees were lilac.

V.W.G: Vladimir thinks he has cracked the secret to another dimension, but are there forces against him.

The Game: David has been captured to play the Jester’s warped game travelling through different dimensions.

As soon as I started InterDimensioning, I already had questions. Why did they travel through the portal, where they escaping from someone? I felt that I had jumped into this story halfway through. The world they arrived was very unusual to what they had seen before and whilst Logan was the tech expert, Elise was the one that used her instinct to try and survive this strange world. This story is very descriptive and you can close your eyes and imagine the colourful world.

V.W.G From the start of this story, you are following Vladimir as he is racing for his life. As the story continues more is explained about the importance of his mission. This was a fun read with a matrix feel to it.

The Game was my favourite story, following David as he plays cat and mouse with the Jester. Whilst we don’t know why the Jester plays this game, we know that in the time where David comes from a lot of the residents go missing. Involved in the game were two mystery ladies Isabella and Annie. However, we don’t know whose side they are on. The dystopian worlds that David slips into are dangerous and you wonder if the Jester’s game is to kill or maim them. I would love to see this turned into a longer story and to have some background about the Jester and the game.

This is the 1st read from this author and looking at their books, I am interested in reading some other works.