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Strand of Faith (Choice and Consequences Book 1) by Rachel J Bonner

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Strand of Faith (Choice and Consequences Book 1) by Rachel J Bonner

Published by Isbin Books on 15th November 2018

239 pages

In preparation for the release of the 2nd in the series, I read Strand of Faith, the first book in the Choice and Consequences series.

Set in a world where some people have psychic gifts, a monastery is set up to help the young students to use their talents. Brother Prospero an exceptionally gifted monk, he had had difficulty controlling his powers, but now highly trained, he used his skills to help others. Leonie, an orphan hides in the monastery to try and control her abilities. But with the Abbot having strange dreams is Prospero and Leonie needed for greater things.

Brother Prospero had found a sanctuary, having struggled with his gifts when he was a young boy, it enabled him to help others, whether it was teaching them to control their powers or if they required medical attention. However, having Leonie close sees him grappling with his beliefs. There is not a lot known about Leonie and there are only snippets known about her life before she joined the monastery, but we know she had it hard.

Being the first in the series, we get introduced to the main characters and get an understanding of their world. With each chapter labelled with the character and written in 3rd person POV enables you to understand the characters, whether it’s following them as they do their duties, the emotional turmoil they have with each other or learning more about the background, you get involved with their story. Although Prospero and Leonie are the main characters, the other characters play a big part in telling the story.

Whilst this is a fantasy read, it has a historical feel to the book, because of the monastery setting I had Cadfael running through my mind. The romance elements play a big part in the story and I had to keep reminding myself that Prospero is only a few years older than Leonie, although I did feel sorry for him as he struggled with his beliefs and what he had to do for the best. I actually stayed up to finish this book as I wanted to know more about Leonie and I am glad that I do not have to wait too long to carry on her story and to see what her involvement is in the Abbot’s plans.

This is a perfect book for teenagers and adults and if you enjoy fantasy and romance, and want to start a new series than this is a good book to get.   

The Gaia Project (The Gaia Collection Book 2) by Claire Buss

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The Gaia Project (The Gaia Collection Book 2) by Claire Buss

Published on 10th October 2018

266 pages

Following on from Book 1, the coop is over and City 42 is being governed by Martha Hamble. To try and replenish their stocks, a scouting party goes to City 15, but when they find the city in ruins, they realise that the Corporation was trying to infiltrate the city. Knowing they are in danger the group plan their escape.

It was good to get back into the story and follow Kira, Jed, Martha, Ruth and their babies as they try and remain safe. As they try and rebuild the city, we learn more about each character and they all have an equal role to play in the story. Jed is slowly recovering from the loss of his best friend and whilst Kira was happy being a mom, she missed adult company. Martha was struggling to run City 42 and be a mom and Ruth was struggling to cope looking after her child.

Inserted throughout the story is media posts and messages, which help explain more of the trouble that the city is in and the corruption that is going on. I read this story in one day, as there was always something going on, whether they were all flying to find safety or discussing the plan of action. Due to the dangers that the group face, you are drawn into a thrilling read. As they investigate the other cities, you are introduced to some new characters, some are quite quirky and allow some comedy relief.

As this is story has a Sci-fi theme, there is a lot of technology mentioned and re-enforces how big brother was always watching. The detailed writing helps you easily imagine what type of world they live in. The story takes you on an adventure, which I did not want to end. This is a good addition to the series and whilst it did not end on a cliff-hanger and am curious to find out what happens next. If you like dystopian and Sci-fi, then pick up this series.   

The Dark Game (Fiction Without Frontiers) by Jonathan Janz

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Its my turn on the blog tour for The Dark Game by Jonathan Janz. As soon as I read the blurb I knew that I wanted to take part.

The Dark Game (Fiction Without Frontiers) by Jonathan Janz

Published by Flame Tree Press on 11th April 2019

352 pages

10 authors have been selected to attend a retreat and enter a writing competition. Run by renowned Roderick Wells, they will get his expertise and the winner would get 3 million dollars and publishing deal. But is the prize worth more than their lives?

As soon as you start reading, you have the sense that there is something going on that the authors are not aware of.  Being left to walk in on foot, segregating the group to force conflict, they are all on edge before they start the competition.

Whilst each author had their own reasons to enter the competition, they were all in it for the fame and fortune. As you read, you are introduced to each character in detail and you soon realise that they each have a dark secret. Every character was different, although at the start they were all being supportive of each other, as the competition became more cutthroat, it was no surprise that their true characteristics came out and if you are like me, you will be quick to pick your favourite. As this is a writing retreat, snippets of the authors’ work in progress are inserted throughout the main story and I enjoyed reading these snippets. However, they are important to the story. It was also another way to show the difference between each author and how they interpret horror.

Roderick Wells was a narcissistic character who from the start inflicted his power over the authors. He enjoyed publicly humiliating them in front of their peers and was like a cat playing with a mouse, toying with their emotions. The changes to Wells and the mansion became more noticeable as the eliminations continue.

Whilst there are quite a few characters involved in this story, this was an easy book to follow and there was no confusion with the characters the further you go into the book. I had heard of this author, but this was the first book that I have read and I am so glad that I did.  The author’s detailed writing enables you to imagine the creepiness of the forest and the dangers that await, the graphic scenes reinforcing the danger. The story was fast paced as you want to know who survives. As I was reading this I was reminiscing about when I  watched Harper’s Island and spent the whole time trying to guess who was going to be next.  

If you enjoy reading books with eeriness and suspense, then pick up this book.

Without a Trace by Carissa Ann Lynch

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Without a Trace by Carissa Ann Lynch

Published by Killer Reads on 5th April 2019

200 pages

A woman fleeing domestic violence, a missing child but there is no record of her existence. Is Lilly real? Ellie is called in to investigate and the more she does the more questions she has.

Ellie: The police officer called in to investigate the missing child. As the only woman on the force, she had a lot to prove, but finding the missing child was her main priority. She was focused and once she had an idea, she acted on it whatever the consequences.

Nova: Fleeing domestic violence, she takes Lily her daughter and goes into hiding.

Clara: The landlady of Nova’s rented property. After her daughter moved out, she lives there where her memories and secret that she wants to remain hidden.

With dedicated chapters for Ellie, Nova and Clara, it enables you to follow the case from each of their POV and learn more about their backstory. Each chapter was well labelled so there was no confusion which character you were reading about. The topic of domestic violence was written with sensitivity and through Nova, you got to learn what she went through on a day to day basis. As Ellie was investigating Lily and with no evidence to prove there was a child. Her determination to solve the case was strong and even when she had nagging doubts, she still remained focused.

This story was well plotted and due to its fast-pace, I read it in a day in between real life. With the mystery of Lily, I kept changing my mind whether the child was real, which made me read quicker. This story had plenty of twists and everything is explained in detail and it all comes together at the end. Without giving anything away, I did have to google one part of the plot as I was not aware of this happening in the UK so I was interested in reading about it.

This is another good thriller written by this author and it would be interesting if we had more cases involving Ellie.    

Savagery of the Rebel King (Thrones of Blood Book4) by Nancy Kilpatrick

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Savagery of the Rebel King (Thrones of Blood Book4) by Nancy Kilpatrick

Published by Crossroad Press on 1st February 2019

318 pages

With Queen Lamia and the Sapien Zaget still a threat, I knew that I needed to carry on with this series. As soon as I started reading this book, I was instantly transported back to the vampire world. Necros, the rebel king, was the leader of a small stronghold, a good distance from the other vampires. Not one to mix, he was not aware of the threat to his race. However, his life would change dramatically when he came across Guin, Sapien royalty, sent on her own mission by her grandma and former queen.

What I love about this series, is that in every book we are introduced to new characters who are important to the series and this book was no different. Necros was a ruler who treated the Sapiens as property, not one to show compassion. It was his way or else. Guin whilst dedicated to her mission, soon quickly realises how dire her situation was. The further you read into the book, the more you discover about Necros’ upbringing and understand why he finds it hard to trust. Guin, on the other hand, led a pampered life but found it hard to adjust after being brought to the stronghold. However, even though they had different backgrounds they were both really stubborn and every time they were together the scenes were full of tension. To break up the mood in the stronghold were vampire twin dwarves Grymmer and Grymmelle. With their wit and wisecracks, they managed to defuse the tension. I think they were my new favourite characters.

With so much going on with Necros and Guin, the author still managed to combine the other vampire royalty to the story and you soon find out what is going on with the rest of land and how dire the situation was for Sapiens and Vampires alike.

I finished this book in 1 day and all real life was put on hold as the story built up to a dramatic ending. I hope that book 5 in the works as I want to find out what happens to the vampire world. Like previous books, this story is for a mature audience due to the nature of some of the scenes. Although I will not look at a rose stem in the same light again. Another great addition to this series