The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides

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The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides

Published by Orion on 5th February 2019

352 pages

Alicia Berenson is found covered in blood, whilst her husband is bound to a chair. Throughout the investigation, subsequent court trial and hospitalisation, she never said a word. Theo Faber is a Forensic Psychotherapist and having a fascination with the case, thinks he can cure her.

Whilst titles like “most anticipated” “you won’t want to miss it” don’t hold much sway with me after reading the blurb it really piqued my interest.

The majority of the story is written from Theo’s POV following him step by step. Scattered throughout were extracts from Alicia journal, which put a different spin on the story and helped explain her state of mind.

The beginning of the story grabbed me and I started to read at pace as I wanted to find out more about Alicia, but as the story was revolved around Theo, I found my mind begin to wander as I found him an egotistical character, which I despised straight away. All he wanted to do was make a name for himself and I was not interested in his life. However, I am glad I persevered as the last quarter of the book made up for all the slow pace. The twist at the end was a good one and whilst I had an inkling, it was good to read how it was pulled off.

Whilst I have no knowledge of working in a mental health organisation, I found it a bit unbelievable what went on in The Grove and felt that some of the violent scenes were added for filler.

Saying that I did read it pretty quickly and I love reading psychological thrillers, but it just did not grab me as other books have.        

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