Smoke and Rain (Reforged Book1) by VS Holmes

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Smoke and Rain (Reforged Book1) by VS Holmes

Published by Amphibian Press on 10th September 2015

452 pages

When Cehn was invaded Alea barely survived. Bought to Vielrona to recover, she strikes up a friendship with Arman, the landlady’s son. With the battle between the Laen and the Mirikin getting intense, no-one is safe.

As you are taken on a journey, you are exposed to a magical land, where the Gods play an important part in people’s lives. The minutest features were explained in detail and it has you feeling that you are there. The character’s backstories help you understand what the conflict the war had done to all their lives giving you an understanding of the importance of their beliefs. As more of their lives are revealed you are taken through their every emotion as they contemplate what part they are expected to play in the war.

The first 17% was a bit confusing but I am glad that I persevered as it explained the history of the land and introduced us to the important characters. After that point, I was invested in the story as I followed them on their journey. Watching Alea become a confident woman after suffering so much I wanted to see her succeed. The friendship between Arman, Wes (my favourite character) and Kam was as strong as brothers, supporting each other in their choices and reading about their antics broke up the intensity of the story.  Whilst this did not end on a cliff-hanger, there is more to come as Lightening and Flame is already out.

This is the first book I have read by this author and it won’t be the last. If you enjoy reading Epic Fantasy then pick up this book.  

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