The Lock: A CSI Eddie Collins Novella by Andrew Barrett

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The Lock: A CSI Eddie Collins Novella by Andrew Barrett

Published by The Ink Foundry on 13th January 2019

131 pages

Eddie Collins is a CSI, you know who they are. They get sent to suspected scenes of crime, look for evidence and document the scenes. When an elderly man is found dead in his home, he has to check it out to see if there was any sign of foul play. Everything looked ok until he finds an ancient key grasped in the deceased’s hand. Knowing he has to investigate, he searches around the house, although he wishes he hadn’t.

 Whilst I have not read any of this series, I took to Eddie straightaway. He was not a people person and had a quirky sense of humour, who else would walk around an unknown house in the dark, playing horror movies in his mind, waiting to be scared.

Written from Eddie’s POV, it is easy to follow him around whilst he was looking for clues. Added to this were memoirs from the deceased, helping explain what had happened in the house. Without giving anything away, I did not see any of it coming and was surprised with what had happened and it showed just how good Eddie was with deciphering the evidence.

It was a pleasant change to read a thriller that did not involve a police officer or private investigator. I enjoyed how the evidence was explained in layman’s terms and you do not need a good understanding of the science behind it.   

As this is a standalone novella in the series, I did not have to read to any of the previous books to know what was going on and I am going to check out the other books in the series. If you like your thrillers a bit on the dark side than pick up this book.   

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