D: Whitby’s Darkest Secret by Chris Turnbull

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D: Whitby’s Darkest Secret by Chris Turnbull

Published 27th October 2015

303 pages

If you ask folk what they know about Whitby, you either hear they do great Fish and Chips or Dracula.

Three years after Dracula was published, women are being murdered in Whitby, left with every victim was a calling card showing D: Detective Matthews is tasked with finding the culprit. Victoria is visiting Whitby with her politician husband, enjoying the sights and sounds oblivious to the attention she is attracting.

Mainly written from the POV of Victoria and D: helps you understand the danger that Victoria is in and the difficult job Det. Matthews had to do. Throughout the story, you don’t know much about D:,  he is a loner with an unhealthy fixation with Dracula and as Dracula obsessed over Mrs Harker, D: obsessed over Victoria.

As a historical fiction novel, this is well researched and as you are reading, you are transported back to Victorian Whitby. The descriptive writing has you imagining walking down the cobbled streets, smelling the sea air. Every character is the story is brought to life whether it is the children playing in the street or Victoria and Albert taking an afternoon stroll enjoying the Whitby sights. Like other’s, my favourite character was Tom, an 8-year-old carriage driver, who whilst having a difficult life, was a polite and conscientious young boy.

The story builds up to an exciting ending, which has you questioning the species of D: Ending on a cliffhanger, book 2 is already out. This a gothic crime thriller that anyone who loves historical crime needs to pick up

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