Too Close for Comfort (Knight and Culverhouse Book 1) by Adam Croft

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Too Close for Comfort (Knight and Culverhouse Book 1) by Adam Croft
Published 4th January 2011
183 pages

When a prostitute is found murdered, DS Wendy Knight has finally got her first murder case. As more women were murdered, Wendy not only had to capture the killer but prove to her boss that she was the woman for the job.
There were times I felt that Wendy was trying too hard to prove that she was good at her job. Being the only woman on the murder squad did add pressure to her work, but she also put pressure on herself. What didn’t help was her boss DCI Culverhouse, who came across quite chauvinistic and at the start did not respect Wendy.
I read this story in one sitting as I wanted to find out who was behind the murders. The working relationship between Knight and Culverhouse grew stronger as the case continued and I had my suspicion that Culverhouse started to respect her.
The author had a way of leading you down the wrong path by throwing in a number of red herrings. It is not often I get to the end of the book without guessing who was behind the murders, but on this occasion, I had not got a clue. This story was well plotted and everything was explained clearly and in detail.
I will continue with this series as I want to see how their relationship develops. A good thriller

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