Sextet by Mark L Fowler

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Sextet by Mark L Fowler
Published 21st November 2018
286 pages

A sextet is a formation containing exactly six members. It is commonly associated with vocal or musical instrument groups but can be applied to any situation where six similar or related objects are considered a single unit.
Talented musicians, Penny and Susan were twins and the apple of their parent’s eye. Unbeknown to their parents they used to play a dark and twisted game, that used their love of music. Now 17 Susan was in a psychiatric unit after suffering a horrific attack and Penny was trying to make amends. In Penny’s mind music was a great healer, but to enable her to compose a masterpiece, she had a unique way of doing it.
Penny was highly intelligent and knew how to play to her strengths to get what she wanted. She was good at manipulating situations and this showed with her relationship with her music teacher Marcus Redfearn. Whatever she did she could always justify her actions. Overlapping Penny’s story was Philip Waters and his harebrained scheme to get rich. Wanting to find the next music genius, he put an ad out for original music. Philip and his partner Olivie Roxburgh were two of the most self-centred characters I have read in a while and I couldn’t believe that were a couple
From the 1st graphic murder, I knew that I would enjoy this story. It was fast-paced as I wanted to know where the story was going. Throughout the story more about Penny and Susan’s younger years are revealed, but it is not until near the end do you find out what Susan has grown up to be like. It was hard to decide who out the twins were worse and how their parents were oblivious to the girl’s actions.
This was one psychological thriller that kept me in the dark right up to the dramatic ending, with its unique storyline is a must read for thriller lovers.
This was the first book by this author that I have read and I will definitely look out for more of this author’s work

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