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I have been lucky to be invited on to the blog tour for Kevin Lucia’s latest in the Clifton Heights series. Things You Need. Read after my review and get an exclusive story from the narrator of the 1st book Gavin Patchett.

Things You Need by Kevin Lucia
Published by Crystal Lake Publishing 28th September 2018
219 pages
I was first introduced to this author’s work when I read Devourer of Souls, since then I have purchased quite a few of his work books.
Things You Need is the 4th in Clifton Heights series but as they are all stand alone, you do not have to read them in order. As you may know is Clifton Heights on the surface is a regular town but scratch the surface and there is something sinister in the town. The main story tells the tale of a travelling salesman who travels around selling magazine subscriptions. Turning up in Clifton Heights, he starts making sales, but feeling unsettled he ends up at Handy’s Pawn and Thrift shop. A place where they have things you need.
What was unusual with this story was that there were 8 short stories in the main story to help tell the tale. Triggering the stories was the handling of an item sold in the shop.
The Way of Ah-Tzenul– Following the farmer as he went about trying to grow the best crop ever. He had a no nonsence attitude. Following the precise instructions showed how determined he was when he never once questioned his actions
The Office– John was in his refuge, his den, the room where he kept all his treasured belongings. This story had an eerie feel to it, items kept getting moved and John could not explain why. A sad ending when the real reasons were revealed.
Out of field theory– A photographer wanted to capture the perfect picture. Brian comes across a derelict house, with its crumbling walls and peeling wallpaper, Brian knew he had found the perfect subject. Reading this I was expecting something to jump out on him, it had the feeling that there was something there just out of the field of vision. A quick read that kept you guessing.
Scavenging-. To make ends meet an ex teacher takes to salvaging scrap metal and junk. Whilst following him round, we get to learn the story behind his sacking. This was uncomfortable to read at times and I felt that he had not suffered enough.
A place for broken and discarded things– Save-A-Bunch, a discounted furniture store where you can lose yourself. Shane and Amanda came across this store when recently moving to try and help them forget. This was a story about lose, as a mom, my heart went out to this couple and I would not know what they were going through. This story was full of atmosphere, and you could feel the fear when Shane was wandering about the store.
The Black pyramid- Reverend Akley comes across this pyramid that test his faith. This was a dark story, and with the introduction of this ancient religion, you pity any one who went to the food bank.
When we all meet at the Ofrenda. I loved this story when I read it in Gutted, and re-reading it loved it even more. A tale about grief, beautifully written.
Almost Home– This story was full of despair. A young mom fleeing with her son, driving with nowhere to go. With only a few dollars in change, a Gameboy and .38 revolver. Whilst you are reading it from the mom’s POV, it has feels more like you watching it like a old back and white flickering film. You know what she is going to do, although there is a small amount of hope that she has second thoughts.
This was a great collection of stories, and made it feel that you were watching episodes of Tales of the Unexpected. Different stories all interlinked with one thing in common What do you need.

I was luckily to get an exclusive story from one of the narrators Gavin Patchett.
Click on the link to read The White Cat of Samara Hill



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