The Night Shift (Sam Pope Series Book 1) by Robert Enright

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The Night Shift (Sam Pope Series Book 1) by Robert Enright
Published 8th September 2018
232 pages

Sam Pope was ex forces, now working in the archives of Scotland Yard. An unimposing man who was a bit of a loner. But he had a secret he worked the night shift. However, he forced to decide whether to break a promise or walk away.
Sam Pope was one of the most bad ass characters that I have read in a while. A man of action trained to be the best, who had a sense of justice. He kept himself to himself and was underestimated by many that he worked with. After a bombing at the London Marathon, he knew that he needed to find out who was behind it and when innocent lives were in danger, his training kicked in and he was a man on a mission. Going up against the men behind the bombing he got support from an unusual source. Throughout the story, you understand what made Pope the man he was and the revelation about his family left me agog. Finding out more about his army life, just enforced how highly trained he was and the explained how he was injured on his final tour.
This book lived up to the tag line, it was full of action and by the end I had lost count on how many dead bodies there were. Some of the kills were due to torture so can you can imagine what carnage was caused. There were times when I could not believe how much punishment Pope’s body could take and it showed just how serious he was of getting justice. This book was fast paced, as there was always something going on. However. there were times when it did slow down and the scenes involving the police officer’s funeral were really moving. From page 1 you are drawn into a story that will please thriller lovers.
I have enjoyed reading this author’s other stories about Bermuda, but Sam Pope is now my favourite. Can’t wait to see what this character does next.

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