Where Sleeping Gods Lie by Yolanda Olson

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Where Sleeping Gods Lie by Yolanda Olson
Published 6th May 2017
227 pages

Koval missed his childhood best friend Exxie, only friends for a couple of months she made a big impression in his younger life. Now living with his partner Fai, he still thinks about her and wander’s what it.
Koval and Fai were ideal for each other, and when Koval went into one of his dark moods, Fai was there to pick up the pieces. When Koval picked up Angie has she reminded him of Exxie, Fai knew that he could use it to his advantage. The ending left you wanting to know more about Koval and Fai and whilst I realised what was going to happening Angie, I was surprised at the epilogue.
I enjoy all of this author’s books and she is a must buy when she releases a new book. However, I found this one to be a slower starter, as all the dark action happened in the last 15% of the book. Saying that when the action happened it was true to form, bloody and graphic and new way to imagine docking, emphasising how perfect they were for each other.
I will just leave you with words of advice when you are preparing your dinner “Cook your favourite meal, like it’s your last day on earth”


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