Foundryside (The Founders Book 1) by Robert Jackson Bennett

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I am lucky to be on the blog tour for this amazing book. Here is my review for Foundryside

Foundryside (The Founders Book 1) by Robert Jackson Bennett
Published by Jo Fletcher Books on 23rd August 2018
512 pages

Living in Tevanne was hard, unless you belonged to one of the four houses who ran the city. Sancia Grado was an escaped slave having a special talent, she was an exceptional thief. But when she was hired to steal a plain wooden box, from a heavily guarded warehouse, she got herself embroiled in something that could change Tevanne for good and endanger her life.
Even though Sancia was a thief, she had honour. There was reason behind why she was taking on this big dangerous job and as the story progresses you find out just what a hard life she suffered as a slave and after her escape. She found it hard to trust and when her life was in danger she had very few friends to call on for help. Her two best friends Claudia and Giovanni worked as Scrappers, illegal scrivers, and even though they knew Sancia’s secret they tried to not get involved in case of capture.
Captain Gregor Dandolo was a man of principals, not one to flaunt his family name. He took it as a personal insult when the warehouse was robbed. However, he did not expect his hunt for thief would put him in danger and unearth a deadly plot against Tevanne.
I loved this book, there was always something interesting going on whether it was Sancia running for her life or a horseless carriage. Items that were scrived had a different way of working, and whilst it was illegal to scrive a human and defy the laws of gravity, certain people had a way of bending the rules. The story flowed smoothly, and you are taken on an exciting adventure. When Orso the hypatus of Candiano got involved in the investigation, it added to the story as more complicated scribed items were used. He did remind me of a modern-day Merlin, there to help the family but liked to experiment. I do not want to say much about the artefact as I do not want to give anything away, but what I will say was he had a way with words and a few comedy moments.
I got so into the story that I did not want it to end. I do not get many book hangovers, but I got one from this story. I kept reading into the middle of the night as I wanted to find out more about Sancia. When I did finish this story, I struggled to find another book that thrilled me as much. This is the first story that I have read by this author, but I will look out for more. I hope I do not have to wait long for more of Sancia‘s adventures

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