Dragon Lightning by JS Burke

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Dragon Lightning by JS Burke
Published by Lind Press on 10th October 2016
266 pages

Arak has once again returned to the seas, this time to find the mythical Ice Dragons. Accompanying him on his journey, is fellow dragons healer Dorali and Taron and his best friend and octopus Scree with her mate Orm. Drakor is an Ice Dragon, he has a talent of predicting danger, but when his clan dismisses his warnings, he goes off to look for proof. Injured and weak, can the dragons escape the volcano.
It’s been awhile since I read Dragon Dreamer, but as soon I started reading this book, I was transported straightaway back to the ocean. Drakor was so like Arak, ridiculed by his clan for being different. However, when he was found by Arak, he found a kinship. Seeing Arak a highly thought of member of his group, gave Drakor hope.
With the pending eruption from the volcanoes, this story is one big adventure. Arak and Scree are working to deadline to rescue their families, but it does not help that other species are working against them and Scree must put all her cunningness to use to survive. The addition of the Ice dragons enables the author to add different dragon skills to the story and you get to learn just how more powerful they are and the uphill struggle Drakor must convince them to move.
The idea of reading is to take you to another world and this story does that 100%. I got so involved in the story that I forget that I was reading about creatures as they are so human. The fine details add depth to the story and the picturesque scenes help you visualise how beautiful the ocean is.
As like Dragon Dreamer this will be perfect to read to your young ones as a bed time story but will be enjoyed by all ages.
I hope that Arak’s adventures continue

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