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The Way of All Flesh by Ambrose Parry

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The Way of All Flesh by Ambrose Parry

Published by Canongate Books on 30th August 2018

417 pages

Will Raven was going places, apprentice to the renowned Dr Simpson, he was learning midwifery from one of the best. But with a debt hanging over him and a desire to find out who is killing women all over Edinburgh, can Will be the Dr he wants to be.
At the start of this story Will Raven came across as quite pretentious. Quick with his mouth and never far from trouble. He always had something to prove, however as the story progress, you do get to find out more about his former life. By the end of the book he grew on me.
Sarah his partner in crime, was the housemaid of Dr Simpson. Like any maid in the 19th century maids were tended be ignored and women were second best. Throughout this book you could see how ambitious she was and if she was a women today she would of been a doctor, Clever, willing to learn and a very curious mind
I enjoy reading about 19th century and it was a pleasant change for a story to be set in Edinburgh and not London. The book was well researched and it was interesting to learn more about the medical procedures of the time. Whilst child birth was dangerous at that time, reading about it in graphic detail, just made it more real. Whilst this is a thriller it is a bit of a slow burn and it felt more like a backstory, that all changed in the last 25% of the book. As Will and Sarah were getting closer to the murderer it was full on and I was reading it quickly to find out who the murderer was. I enjoy a thriller more if the murderer is not easily guessed and this was one of those books. The ending was not expected and it showed just what type of people Dr Simpson and Will were.
This will be good to read as a series and I for one would love to read more about Will and Sarah.






Sherlock Holmes vs. Cthulhu: The Adventure of the Neural Psychoses by Lois H Gresh

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Sherlock Holmes vs. Cthulhu: The Adventure of the Neural Psychoses by Lois H Gresh
Published by Titan Books on 14th August 2018
400 pages

The story continues after Holmes and Watson escaped the tentacle creatures and stopped the tram machine. Now the River Thames is not safe and there is a new craze in the slums of London. Appearing in the dens were Eshockers, a device to zap the willing participant with an electric shock
Holmes and Watson were still trying to battle the strange creatures and as things got more serious, Holmes had to user every part of his brain to understand the situation. Professor Moriarty played a bigger role and whilst he was not working against Holmes, he was using the situation for his own monetary gains. The scenes in the Whitechapel Lunatic Asylum showed just how bad Victorian asylums were. The proprietor of the asylum Dr Reginald Sinclair and the inventor of the shocker was a character that I could not decide whether he was Dr trying to do the best for his patients or sadistic maniac. More was understood about Amelia Scarcliffe and I could understand why her back story in book 1 was important
The story flowed a lot more smoothly and because of what was going on made the story easy to get into. It was full of action and the death scenes were gruesome and graphic, just what I like. The back stories in the book helped you understand how serious the situation was, whether it was in Whitechapel or Half Moon Bay. The only thing that got on my nerves was Willie Jacobs and his nose jabbing and I just wanted to chop off his hands. The author yet again nailed Holmes and Watson’s personality and there were times that you could see how much Holmes needed Watson. Some people may find the scenes with the animals disturbing but it was relevant to the story. I cannot wait for the final book in this series and hope that Homes will get to battle the Cthulhu. This series just got better.

Foundryside (The Founders Book 1) by Robert Jackson Bennett

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I am lucky to be on the blog tour for this amazing book. Here is my review for Foundryside

Foundryside (The Founders Book 1) by Robert Jackson Bennett
Published by Jo Fletcher Books on 23rd August 2018
512 pages

Living in Tevanne was hard, unless you belonged to one of the four houses who ran the city. Sancia Grado was an escaped slave having a special talent, she was an exceptional thief. But when she was hired to steal a plain wooden box, from a heavily guarded warehouse, she got herself embroiled in something that could change Tevanne for good and endanger her life.
Even though Sancia was a thief, she had honour. There was reason behind why she was taking on this big dangerous job and as the story progresses you find out just what a hard life she suffered as a slave and after her escape. She found it hard to trust and when her life was in danger she had very few friends to call on for help. Her two best friends Claudia and Giovanni worked as Scrappers, illegal scrivers, and even though they knew Sancia’s secret they tried to not get involved in case of capture.
Captain Gregor Dandolo was a man of principals, not one to flaunt his family name. He took it as a personal insult when the warehouse was robbed. However, he did not expect his hunt for thief would put him in danger and unearth a deadly plot against Tevanne.
I loved this book, there was always something interesting going on whether it was Sancia running for her life or a horseless carriage. Items that were scrived had a different way of working, and whilst it was illegal to scrive a human and defy the laws of gravity, certain people had a way of bending the rules. The story flowed smoothly, and you are taken on an exciting adventure. When Orso the hypatus of Candiano got involved in the investigation, it added to the story as more complicated scribed items were used. He did remind me of a modern-day Merlin, there to help the family but liked to experiment. I do not want to say much about the artefact as I do not want to give anything away, but what I will say was he had a way with words and a few comedy moments.
I got so into the story that I did not want it to end. I do not get many book hangovers, but I got one from this story. I kept reading into the middle of the night as I wanted to find out more about Sancia. When I did finish this story, I struggled to find another book that thrilled me as much. This is the first story that I have read by this author, but I will look out for more. I hope I do not have to wait long for more of Sancia‘s adventures

Dragon Lightning by JS Burke

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Dragon Lightning by JS Burke
Published by Lind Press on 10th October 2016
266 pages

Arak has once again returned to the seas, this time to find the mythical Ice Dragons. Accompanying him on his journey, is fellow dragons healer Dorali and Taron and his best friend and octopus Scree with her mate Orm. Drakor is an Ice Dragon, he has a talent of predicting danger, but when his clan dismisses his warnings, he goes off to look for proof. Injured and weak, can the dragons escape the volcano.
It’s been awhile since I read Dragon Dreamer, but as soon I started reading this book, I was transported straightaway back to the ocean. Drakor was so like Arak, ridiculed by his clan for being different. However, when he was found by Arak, he found a kinship. Seeing Arak a highly thought of member of his group, gave Drakor hope.
With the pending eruption from the volcanoes, this story is one big adventure. Arak and Scree are working to deadline to rescue their families, but it does not help that other species are working against them and Scree must put all her cunningness to use to survive. The addition of the Ice dragons enables the author to add different dragon skills to the story and you get to learn just how more powerful they are and the uphill struggle Drakor must convince them to move.
The idea of reading is to take you to another world and this story does that 100%. I got so involved in the story that I forget that I was reading about creatures as they are so human. The fine details add depth to the story and the picturesque scenes help you visualise how beautiful the ocean is.
As like Dragon Dreamer this will be perfect to read to your young ones as a bed time story but will be enjoyed by all ages.
I hope that Arak’s adventures continue

Abduction of Two Rulers (Thrones of Blood Book 3) by Nancy Kilpatrick

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Abduction of Two Rulers (Thrones of Blood Book 3) by Nancy Kilpatrick
Published by Crossroad Press on 14th June 2018
309 pages

Serene is still imprisoned in her grandfather’s land and Sapien Queen, Blanka and the Vampir King, Thanatos have been captured by parties unknown. But when information is uncovered that one of the Vampire and Sapien kingdoms are working together to takeover the country, the others have to work together to stop it happening.
Queen Blanka was a likeable character and whilst naïve with the ways of the other kingdoms, she was quick to find an ally in Thanatos who ruled his Kingdom fairly. With King Moarte, still trying to reinforce his defences against his Sapien father in law, he has not got much time to help rescue the others. Although it was good seeing the Belladonna, Valada and Serene all working together ready to kick ass
This series just got better. I was able to get back into the story quickly as it continued where the second book finished. Whilst there were sex scenes, there were not as many due to the story concentration on the upcoming war. The story was full of action and the torture scenes were dark and graphic, there were times that even though he was a vampire, you wander how Thanatos could survive.
A great read and hope to read more