Barbed Wire and Daisies (The Lost Land Series Book 1) by Teresa Schulz

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Barbed Wire and Daisies (The Lost Land Series Book 1) by Teresa Schulz
Published by Blue Phoenix Publishers NZ on 11th June 2016
236 pages

Its 2030, the last oil tankard has been sunk. Oil is running out and the country is slowly falling apart. Gen and her family live in a small village, fearing danger they and the other villagers have to learn to fight.
Gen and Nate were a typical family brining up their 3 children in the peaceful countryside. Thanks to Gen’s eccentric mom, they were getting themselves prepared for harder times. When times got tougher so did Gen, when her family was in danger she did whatever a mom needed to do to protect her family.
Like any post apocalyptic story you have the degenerates, wanting to take what ever they wanted. Whilst there were scenes that could upset some reader, cannibalism and the attempted rape of a teenage, this could be a “what if”, if this really happened. The story was a quick read and I read it in one sitting, not wanting to put it down. It was full of action and the fight scenes were bloody. There was always something going on and even if they were doing just family stuff, the author’s style made it interesting. There was some humorous scenes to break up the tension, one in particular was when Gen had to put a winter coat on her stubborn horse Storm. Whist this is fiction, there is an element of truth to this story. With natural fuel running out, it makes you think what could occur if this happened.
If you love you post apocalyptic and want to avoid the usual zombie stories, than this is for you. A great start to the series and I am looking forward to reading more.

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