Famously Ordinary (Newdon Killers Series) by Simon Farrant

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Famously Ordinary (Newdon Killers Series) by Simon Farrant
Published by Farrant Fiction on 12th March 2018
60 pages
Reviewed by Yvonne Davies

James Dean, not the famous actor but the son of Dean and Denise. A regular guy that grew up with a bit of a complex about his name.
James Dean was a character that I disliked instantly, arrogant and a bit of a dick. However reading about his family, he did not have many role models to follow and you could understand what was causing his mental state. When his mind began to wander and the killings started, you did not know if it was real or fantasy.
This story was a really quick read and my only complaint was it was too short. I was drawn into James’ life and had to keep on reading with a macabre fascination. The killings were graphic and it makes you wander if he was clever or lucky to get away with them. The ending comes at you sudden and unexpected and would love to know what happened next
This was a good introduction to this author’s work and although this is the 2nd in the series, I felt that I did not miss out on anything for not reading The Crucifix. I will rectify this as I have already purchased this book. If you want a quick psychological read than get this book.

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