Broken Branches by Ben Ellis

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Broken Branches by Ben Ellis
Published 8th February 2018
356 pages
Reviewed by Yvonne Davies

To stop over populating, pregnancies are controlled. To get a chance of becoming a family you have to have good genes and be on the National Tree. If you are an orphan, you have next to no chance of having a baby. You are a broken branch.
Grace and Charlie are twins, not having any family they are classed as broken branches. They do not get the same rights as thoroughbreds. So Grace was shocked when she was allowed to have a child with her thoroughbred husband Tom. Fearing reprisals from a terrorist group and their leader Shears, they go into hiding. To complicate the situation Charlie become fertile and gets a girl pregnant.
I instantly liked Grace and Charlie and whilst they are twins they were completely different. Grace was conscientious and kept her self to herself trying to be a good citizen. Charlie plays the field, dislikes authority and is a loveable rogue.
I love dystopian stories and enjoy books that are not the norm, and this book fitted the bill. With Britain being a nation that wanted to improve the gene pool, this story really showed the struggle with the class system and the prejudice against the broken branches. From the initial terrorist attack to the final page, you are drawn in to a story that will capture your imagination. When the babies show some unusual activity, you are left wandering what they are and whilst there were hints, I hope it is all explained further on in the series. My only niggle was that addition of an unknown prisoners dialogue as I found this made the story disjointed and I must admit I did end up skipping those scenes. Even now I did not understand the relevance, but that may be just me. That being said I did enjoy the story.
This is a new author to me and I will look out for further work. One of the interesting points was right at the end when the author explained the reason for the ps and qs and the other easter eggs in the story. This shows how well planned the story was. Overall this was a good dystopian

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