Psycho Circus: A Collection of Horror by TS Woolard

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Psycho Circus: A Collection of Horror by TS Woolard
Published by Azoth Khem Publishing on 9th October 2017
169 pages
Reviewed by Yvonne Davies

One thing I enjoy with reading short stories is the wide variety of tales. Whilst I have not read any of this author’s works before, I was looking forward to reading this book as I had heard good things and I was not disappointed. With 13 dark short stories and 6 poems each one was completely different. With various length stories involving clowns, zombies, serial killers angels, demons and many more, you will sure find a story you love.
Whilst I am not a big poetry fan , I did enjoy reading them. They were dark with a melancholy feel to them. They were systematically placed between the stories giving the book a smooth flow to your read.
As for the short stories it was hard to pick some of my favourites to write this review.
Kizzy’s Danse, follows Bret ex prisoner on his mission for forgiveness and revenge. Through this story, I felt sorry for Bret, whilst what he was planning was wrong, you could understand why he felt the need for revenge and the ending was so sad. This was one emotional read.
The First Cut, follows Ken and his fears of a house invasion. All I can say was I never saw the twists coming and Ken had a very unusual fetish.
The Toll, a story about what to expect when you die. Full of action and whilst graphic had some comedy moments in thanks to St Peter
Giving, follows five people throughout their lives. As you read this story their lives are all interlinked ad goes to show how one action has a domino effect in all their lives.

This is a book that you can pick up and read either straight through or if you have a spare 10 minutes just to read one. The stories are a good length and each story had me gripped. A lot of the stories were intense and some of the scenes where so emotionally charged that I had to pause before I carried onto the next story. I admire any author that can write a short story as you have limited words to tell the story and this author has definitely got the knack. This is a good collection and if you like your horror on the dark side than get this book.

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