The Prisoner( A Darkness in the Mind) by Robert S Malan

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The Prisoner( A Darkness in the Mind) by Robert S Malan
Published by Luna Press Publishing on 9th March 2018
102 pages
Reviewed by Yvonne Davies

If you had the chance to clear your debts, have the job that you always wanted in somewhere nice and all you had to do was find the key would you do it This was the proposition given to John Andras a prison officer, and all he had to do was speak to a special prisoner.
John was quite downtrodden with life, with lots of debt and wife he only sees in passing, he tends to go to work on autopilot. After sorting out an incident at work, things seemed to click in place and he became more confident in himself, so when he was offered a secret mission by the governor, he became a bold with his comments. However it started to go downhill once he met Seth. Not a lot is known about Seth. He reminded me of a new age guru as when he was getting abused in the prison, he was still calm and philosophical.
Set in a prison this story had a sense of foreboding. Whilst reading this I could feel the oppressiveness of the prison and how bad prison life was. The violence was raw whether it was the guards or the prisoners. Something different in this book were John’s nightmares, they were depicted by some brilliant artwork and this made the story come alive as you could see what he was dreaming. The final scenes were built up to a dramatic showdown which I never saw coming. This was a quick read which left me wanting to know more about Seth and his philosophy.
As mentioned the artwork complimented this story and whilst it looked good on my device, I am sure it looks even better in the paperback

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