The Exphoria Code by Antony Johnston

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The Exphoria Code by Antony Johnston
Published by Lightning Books by 16th November 2017
448 pages
Reviewed by Yvonne Davies

I have not read a techno thriller in awhile, mainly because nothing has taken my fancy. However when I read the blurb, this grabbed my attention.
Brigitte Sharp works for MI6, an ex hacker who had lost all confidence after her last mission went fatally wrong. Spending most of her time in chat rooms, chatting with like-minded people she felt more a home behind a screen. After coming across some strange posts, that looked like artwork, her and closest friend Ten get embroiled in what they think is a bit of fun, but not long after Brigitte comes to realise how serious the posts are.
Brigitte was likeable from the start, she wasn’t one of those cocky spies that you usually read about. It was hard for her as she could not tell anyone about her job and her relationship with her sister was a bit strained. Her love of goth style and music made her an unlikely spy, but that is what I liked about her, as she was easily overlooked as non threatening. She was happy to have a desk job and spent a lot of her time trying to stop them sending her back in the field. But after losing her friend she knew that she had no choice and become the spy she was. As the story progressed you also get to know about Brigitte’s fatal mission which is written as a number of flashbacks, but it is not near the end that we get to know the full story.
The author has a way of leading you down the wrong path and there was many a time that I thought I knew where the story was going and who the mole was. However, when the mole was revealed, I got it completely wrong, but that was only the beginning. The story gets more intense and you get to see just how good Brigitte’s skills are, but she does not do it alone. Like all good spies she has a good team working with her and as a threat becomes more imminent she gets help from MI5 and GCHQ. This book is full of action, fast paced and I was hooked from the beginning. This is a standalone story and I hope there will be more Brigitte Sharp.

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