Literary Stalker by Roger Keen

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Today is my turn to review this book

Literary Stalker by Roger Keen
Published by Darkness Visible Publishing on 18th September 2017
229 pages
Reviewed by Yvonne Davies

The majority of us live on social media and it is one of the best ways to spread the word about what you are doing. But what happens when an innocent comment is taken the wrong way or someone does not like your work. Nick Chatterton, an Indie author uses his personal experience on social media to pen The Facebook Murders.
Nick is an aspiring author, working the horror scenes whilst connecting with other authors and a major user of social media. Having published a few short stories, he was looking for that next big novel. An idea came to him when he re-watched Theatre of Blood and the novel was born Using Jago as Nick’s main character showed how vindictive and petty Nick was. How he fixated on certain Facebook comments and wanted to seek revenge. However he had a dark side which showed itself when he was conjuring up the murders, whilst they were based on scenes from films, you could feel his blood lust and knew he enjoyed them too much. Whilst were reading Jago’s story, we also get to know about Nick’s life, his doomed relationship with Robin and his obsession with acclaimed write Hugh Canford-Eversleigh, which over the years developed into stalking.
Reading a story in a story may sound confusing but it wasn’t as the usage of 3rd POV helped. I got to grips pretty quick with the swapping over between Nick and Jago story. Whilst reading the story you learn in detail what each victim had done to upset Nick and I kept imagining Nick/Jago to insert a villainous laugh every time he killed someone. I got drawn into this story as I was waiting for Nick’s evil side to be revealed and as the story was coming to an end I was not disappointed. The story was complete and there was no unanswered question. This is a different type of crime story to what I usually read and I enjoyed it a lot. One thing to take note is to be careful what you put on social media as Jago may be just around the corner.

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