I am Legion by James Hershey Jr

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I am Legion by James Hershey Jr
Published on 22nd March 2015
173 pages
Reviewed by Yvonne Davies

Married couple Darrion and Heather are serial killers running amok round America. They had a unique way of disposing of the bodies and had remained undetected. Legion as most people know was the a group of demons that were captured when a sounder of pigs drown. This is a story about evil vs evil.
As soon as you start reading this book, you know exactly what you are letting yourself in for. From the start, you are met with some graphic scenes and it shows just how sadistic Darrion and Heather are. Their relationship is like Bonny and Clyde but after taking a bucket load of steroids. It all goes wrong when a victim is possessed by Legion. Darrion and Heather go on the run leaving a mass of bodies in their wake. Whilst they both had a sadistic nature, Darrion did not like to rush things until he planned which did calm Heather’s spontaneous nature down a touch. Each one of their killing was described in detail which left nothing to the imagination and I was wondering where the law enforcement were in their killing spree, although if they were around they would not have stopped them. The addition of Legion added another evil element to the story.
The story was written in 3rd person POV and this made the story flow as you knew who were doing the killings. As this was an evil vs evil story it was very hard to find a character for you to root for as there was not a good character. Although I was drawn to the serial killers. This was non stop action and I read this within a day, unfortunately real life got in the way and I was loathed to put it down. This is a cat and cat chase and throughout was a battle of wills. An exciting graphic read.

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