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Anatomy by Yolanda Olson

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Anatomy by Yolanda Olson
Published on 10th February 2018
162 pages
Reviewed by Yvonne Davies

If you have read any of the author’s work before than you know that there will be some graphic scenes and this book was no different.
The story is written from the two main characters POV. Each chapter alternated between them, letting you know how each one was acting and feeling. The “monster” had a gentlemanlike quality to him and whilst he was inflicting pain on the victim, he had a caring nature and was proud of his work. The “victim” even through all the pain had a strong nature to her but I felt that she was hiding something .
This story is so descriptively written that you can imagine just what pain was inflicted. The story flows seamlessly and you are drawn in, wishing her to survive. This story is beautifully written and the true meaning of this story is revealed at the end. Yes it is a horror but it also so much more.

Blackwater Vol 2 by TWM Ashford

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Blackwater Vol  2 by TWM Ashford
Published by White Inc on 29th January 2018
337 pages
Reviewed by Yvonne Davies

After 3 months recovering from his injuries, Hunter is still nowhere near finding out the truth about his missing daughter. His only way to progress is to take The Chronicle up on his invitation to meet. Not knowing where he is, he has to put his trust in Eddie one of the criminals he seeks vengeance on and in doing so formed an unlikely friendship.
Having read book 1 I knew how downtrodden Blackwater was, but Hunter’s visit to the Hollows took him to a place where even the police feared to read. Part of Blackwater, it sold everything from slaves to guns. Hunter still does what he does best, kill the bad guys to get nearer the truth and in this book the body count was increased.
The story alternates between Hunter’s current journey and the history behind Amy’s disappearance and what Hunter did to get on the Thin Man’s radar. Although the timelines are not highlighted, it is obvious which part of the story the chapter was about and it was interesting to read about Hunter’s former life. A part of the book was dedicated to The Chronicles reminiscing about his life, how the Thin Man became the man people feared and what type of child Lucciano was. After Hunter had met with The Chronicle his adventure took him a place stranger than the Hollows, where some of the folk were even freakier than the usual Blackwater residents.
Whilst this story is still dystopian, it did have a more fantasy feel about it. The sights and smells of Blackwater came to life and yet again I was drawn into Hunter’s adventures. The action was evenly spread throughout the story ending in shock discovery and a cliff-hanger. A good follow up and I hope it will not be long before the ancient God returns

The Twelve by DE McCluskey

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The Twelve by DE McCluskey
Published by Dammaged Comics on 1st May 2017
364 pages
Reviewed by Yvonne Davies

Married to his university sweetheart, Gina, John Rydell was happy in love. In line for a promotion, he was invited to go to Chicago. Leaving his wife at home, everything was going smoothly until he gets a worrying phone call and a few days later his wife ends up dead. As he is coming to terms with his wife’s death, other people he knew are being murdered and slowly he connects the dots and realise it was connected with his life at university and his eleven friends.
There is a common theme throughout the story like 3:15am, the freezing cold and the putrid smell. The flashbacks helped explain the history behind the Twelve and what they did to cause the current events. At the start not much is given away and this makes you carry on reading as you want to know who is behind the deaths and the further your read the more it comes clear. The murder scenes have a feel of eeriness as you knew it was going to happen. There was a sense of helplessness as you knew the victims had no chance of escape. The was an easy read as the story was well explained. Whilst I guessed who was behind the murders I did not know why they did it. As more of their university life was revealed I was silently backing the murder as I did feel sorry for him. Everything was explained as the book was coming to an end and I was pleased that it ended how it did.
Whilst this is a horror, it would also please dark thriller lovers. Some of the scenes where graphic, but this showed how intense the story was. It was a book that I enjoyed from cover to cover and as a new author to me, I am going to look at this author’s other work.

Where Nightmares Come From: The Art of Storytelling in the Horror Genre (The Dream Weaver series Book 1) edited by Joe Mynhardt and Eugene Johnson

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Where Nightmares Come From: The Art of Storytelling in the Horror Genre (The Dream Weaver series Book 1) edited by Joe Mynhardt and Eugene Johnson
Published by Crystal Lake Publishing on 17th November 2017
368 pages
Reviewed by Yvonne Davies

As an avid reader of all things horror, I have always had an interest in where authors get their ideas, how do they just sit at a keyboard and write. These and many more questions are answered. With interviews and articles each chapter has an authors insight on where nightmare come from.
In every chapter I learnt something new and in something cases even found some new authors to read or films to watch.
One chapter I was really interested in was Urban Lore and the Rise of the Creepypasta by Michael Paul Gonzalez. Learning about the origins of Creepypasta had me intrigued and when I have some spare time I will google some just to take a read. Throughout this chapter I was waiting for the one character that my kids would not shut up about and that was Slenderman . Reading about him showed what an big impact his stories had on people.
Reading how Ramsey Campbell edited his story made the words come to life and it was a fine example on how a change of word here or there really made the story. It felt you were leaning over his shoulder reading and watching the words as he wrote.
Each author’s chapter had a friendly tone to them and not once was there an element of talking down. Each and everyone wanted to share their knowledge which in some cases spanned years. I attend many book events where I sit in on interviews and panels and this book felt like I was at one of these event but it was a lot cheaper.
Whether you have that burning desire to write a story or have been writing for years this book will suit a vast amount of people. But it does not stop with novels, there is a lot of media where horror plays a big part and if you fancy yourself as a screen writer or an author of graphic novels than you will also find some useful tips.

I am Legion by James Hershey Jr

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I am Legion by James Hershey Jr
Published on 22nd March 2015
173 pages
Reviewed by Yvonne Davies

Married couple Darrion and Heather are serial killers running amok round America. They had a unique way of disposing of the bodies and had remained undetected. Legion as most people know was the a group of demons that were captured when a sounder of pigs drown. This is a story about evil vs evil.
As soon as you start reading this book, you know exactly what you are letting yourself in for. From the start, you are met with some graphic scenes and it shows just how sadistic Darrion and Heather are. Their relationship is like Bonny and Clyde but after taking a bucket load of steroids. It all goes wrong when a victim is possessed by Legion. Darrion and Heather go on the run leaving a mass of bodies in their wake. Whilst they both had a sadistic nature, Darrion did not like to rush things until he planned which did calm Heather’s spontaneous nature down a touch. Each one of their killing was described in detail which left nothing to the imagination and I was wondering where the law enforcement were in their killing spree, although if they were around they would not have stopped them. The addition of Legion added another evil element to the story.
The story was written in 3rd person POV and this made the story flow as you knew who were doing the killings. As this was an evil vs evil story it was very hard to find a character for you to root for as there was not a good character. Although I was drawn to the serial killers. This was non stop action and I read this within a day, unfortunately real life got in the way and I was loathed to put it down. This is a cat and cat chase and throughout was a battle of wills. An exciting graphic read.