The Ghost of Shapley Hall by Amy Cross

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The Ghost of Shapley Hall by Amy Cross
Published by Dark Season Books on 21st March 2016
200 pages
Reviewed by Yvonne Davies

I was looking for a quick read, and when I came across this I knew that it would fit the bill.
James did not believe in ghosts, and when Rachael, his girlfriend took him to her ancestral home to look for her deceased Uncle’s will, he was up for a pleasant weekend. As more and more secrets are revealed, James is doubting what he believes.
Whilst James was a nice character and showed a lot of interest in Rachael, I was surprised that he did not know much about her past. He was sceptical of the paranormal and it was funny him trying to persuade himself that nothing was happening. Rachael on the other hand believed in ghost but at times she was annoying when she kept clamming up.
As a ghost story goes, this ticked the boxes and whilst parts were predictable there was a twist or two. The first half of the book was a bit slow mainly because it was setting the scene, when the ghosts started to appear the pace did pick up. The story flows and you can read this is one sitting. Whilst I do not notice grammatical or spelling errors I do have a small complaint, it was set in England with English characters, but they were saying faucet(tap) and cellphone(mobile). Saying that I did enjoy this book.

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