Room 119: The Whitby Trader by TF Lince

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Room 119: The Whitby Trader by TF Lince
Published 14th December 2017
280 pages
Reviewed by Yvonne Davies

Dean Harrison was a successful trader based in London. Like most traders, he was cocky when he was making money and the envy of many. Like stock and shares Dean had his up and downs, and after one devastating error that was similar to the Barings bank incident, Dean’s life began falling apart. At his lowest point, when he thought it could not get any worse, a chance meeting with an elderly couple takes him to a special place and a quest he would never forget.
At the start of the story I could not take to Dean, he was slightly arrogant. Whilst he was a family man and wanted to do the best for his family, he went about it the wrong way. Staying away from his family, being one of the boys and flashing his cash. However, his actions laid the base for the rest of his story. As the story continued the old northern Dean slowly began to surface.
At the start I found the pace a bit slow, as there was a lot of background information. However, after Dean’s mistake, the paced picked up and I read it quite quickly. The addition of fantasy enabled the author to tell a story that was different. There were a few times that I thought I knew where the story was going and each time I was wrong. The minor characters each had their own story to tell, whether it was Benjie the Clown or Bill the ticket collector. There were a few surprises in the book which left me stunned and a few scenes that were tear jerkers. I enjoyed this book and hope that the author brings more books out with the mixture of genres.

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