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The Aching Darkness: A Dark Fantasy Anthology by [Sinclair, Parker, Purdy, Alexia, Ozment, Jessica, Stock, Robert]

Get your heart pounding this Valentine’s Day with a FREE eBook of THE ACHING DARKNESS: A Dark Fantasy Anthology featuring 4 thrilling tales created by Author Parker Sinclair, Alexia Purdy, Jessica Ozment, and Robert Stock. Amazon Free Buy link: Subscribe to our Website:
***** Angst, suspense, uncertainty and vampires! ***** This story had action from the first word of the book. Amazing! ***** Once I started reading I couldn’t put it down! Sensuality, Madness, Tortured Souls, & Dangerous Beings
These pages contain thrilling short stories for the dark fantasy lover. Fight grotesque, body and soul consuming creatures, hacking off their limbs with sharp pointy weapons, as Dark Angel, Ilese, defends humanity, in A Darker Fall. Find your true power as the head witch in your ancient coven, while hiding a terrible secret costing you everyone you love in White Matron. Mind meld with killer, lover, and immortal, Joe Smith, in Lord of Blood. Travel to Sin City for a Post-apocalyptic Vampire of Vegas story stocked with vampires and zombies, in Brevity.
Depravity, Lies, Blood, Sex, & Magic
Will Set Your Pulse Pounding Your Spine Tingling & Your Mind Reeling
Fans of As the World Dies series by Rhiannon Frater, Resident Evil, and I am Legend by Richard Matheson will enjoy sinking their fangs into Brevity by Alexia Purdy, while Lord of Blood by Robert Stock’s leading vampire will appeal to fans of White Hot: A Hidden Legacy Novel. A Darker Fall by Parker Sinclair introduces a lethal dark angel assassin who hunts down monsters with an arsenal of guns, swords, and SFF gadgets in John Wick and Underworld fashion. Don’t let the title “white witch” fool you, Jessica Ozment’s White Matron’s coming of age lead, Fey, hiding some kick-ass supernatural powers for fans of The Craft, Snow White and the Huntsman, The Magician’s, and Stephen King.
Warning, stories may trigger arousal and cravings for more with pant worthy NA paranormal and supernatural romance scenes

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