Moonlight over Manhattan by Sarah Morgan

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Moonlight over Manhattan
(From Manhattan with Love Book 6)
Author: Sarah Morgan
Publisher: HQ
Release date: 5th Oct 2017
Page count: 384pp

Reviewed by Theresa Derwin

‘Do one thing every day that scares you.’ Eleanor Roosevelt.
These words from a noteworthy woman in history are words that have included the heroine of this, Moonlight over Manhattan, the sixth book in the Manhattan series.
When I first read Sarah Morgan, it was a series set in the U.K. with nurses and doctors (Lakeside Rescue) and I fell in love. I was gutted when she rolled up that series to start her next one; Snow Crystal series.
It won’t be as good, I thought. I was wrong. It was better.
In fact, with every new series Morgan starts, she weaves intricate stories, characters and settings together, until the reader is once again – addicted.
In this continuing Manhattan series, ‘Moonlight over Manhattan’, Morgan deals with the ‘other’ twin Harriet, now living alone with numerous fostered pets after her sister Fliss finds love and moved permanently to The Hamptons, running the other half of their dog walking business. Their brother Daniel found love with Molly and is getting married – and Harriet is alone.
“Here lies Harriet, who knew a lot about hair balls, but not a whole lot about the other kind.”
Yep, she’s single, determined to try dating, which is not her forte, all a part of ‘Challenge Harriet’ or ‘Things Harriet Knight Wouldn’t Normally Do.’
Each day she sets a goal to try something new; which is why she sprains her ankle falling out of a bathroom window desperate to escape the date from hell.
She meets a dashing doctor at the ER who she can’t shake out of her head.
What she doesn’t expect is to meet that doctor again as part of a dog walking job.
Regular client Debra has had to fly off to take care of her daughter Karen who’s been involved in a car accident. The only problem, is what to do with her dog Madi?
The answer seems obvious – get her brother Ethan to look after the dog with Harriet on walking duties.
Ethan – a familiar face from the ER.
This is my favourite in the series so far I think.
Partly because starting with a brief reference to a book by gold medal winning skier Tyler O’Neil, that Morgan fans will recognise from another series and smile at, we get to find out more about those other characters.
Also, because Harriet literally blooms.
Bullied for most of her childhood, she hasn’t stammered in quite a few years until she’s shouted at by Ethan, but she is no timid wallflower despite being shy.
She has fight, courage and compassion.
I also loved the antics of the dogs in this one and enjoyed reading about them. The dogs are another set of characters in the books, just as alive as the humans.
The comedy, the emotion, the romance and the heartache is all here, as well as tonnes of Christmas warmth.
Another fantastic festive feast!

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