Dueling Kings (The Twelve Kingdoms Book 1) by Bree Pierce

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Dueling Kings (The Twelve Kingdoms Book 1) by Bree Pierce
Published on 1st November 2016
154 pages
Reviewed by Yvonne Davies
Have 12 kings ruling 12 kingdoms could get messy but the annual peace treaty held in Oselma helps keep things peaceful. However, when 2 kings see something that took their fancy. Neso knew that peace could soon end all due to a woman.
Anastacia was a woman of mystery, not many knew her secret. Living in Oselma, she was used to staying in the shadows. What drew the two kings to her was her unusual hair and eye colouring. As you get further into the book, you really get to know Anastacia, whilst she is caring and humble, she has a stubborn streak to her. When she went to Tyberia, she felt free for the first time in ages. The two kings were complete opposites, whilst King Dejen was loving and a great Ruler, King Carlos ruled his kingdom with a rod.
Each of the minor character’s stories were told in detail and one of my favourite characters was Theta, a maid at the castle. I loved her feistiness and could see that she was a true friend to Anastacia
As there are 12 kingdoms, the author took time in describing each one, and it was interesting to see how different each land was whether it was the inhabitants or the weather climate. Anastacia’s back story explaining her secret and the magical element added depth to the story. The pace picked up as more people found out her secret and you had a sense that something bad was going to happen. Whilst there is a touch of romance, this does not detract from the action. The tension builds in the second half of the book and you will want to carry on reading to find out what happens. A complete story so you do not have to worry about a cliff-hanger.
I am interested to see where the author will go with this series as I would like to learn more about the other kingdoms. A good start to this series

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