The World between the Trees by C Freeland

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The World between the Trees by C Freeland

Published 2nd August 2017

261 pages

Reviewed by Yvonne Davies

As children Ryan and Jake were really close, spending time in the forest and playing in what they think is a mystical world. 11 years on Jake has gone missing and Ryan knows he needs to find his brother. After finding Jake’s journal and with the help of Shiloh, a close friend, Ryan finds the kingdom of Daeogula. Can he find his brother and save the residents of Daeogula.

Although the start of the story centres around Ryan, once they enter Daeogula you find more about Jake, as brothers they are completely different, Ryan is a Jock whilst Jake is the quiet one. Although in Daeogula he is highly thought off. Shiloh is used to be alone, abandoned by her mom and only see her brother when he is drunk, she relies a lot on the brothers for support. They are OK by themselves but together their bond was really strong. Whilst Ryan accepted what he saw straightaway it was refreshing for Shiloh to have doubts and even when there was a giant of a man in front of her she still did not believe anything until she could see it with her own eyes.

As you read this story, you are taken on a magical journey, with fantasy creatures you rarely come across in books. I cannot remember the last time I read a book with giants in and Humbert was one of my favourite characters, think Hagrid but bigger. The story picked up pace as the danger made its presence. Whilst this is a standalone novel, there is scope for more stories and I would enjoy reading more of their adventures, even a spin off about Greg.

Reading the authors bio, I was surprised that this is her 1st book and I will be following her to find out what other stories she will deliver. This is a great story for older children and adults and my only complaint was that it ended to soon, I wanted to read more

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