Song of the Death God by William Holloway

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Song of the Death God by William Holloway

Published by Horrific Tales Publishing on 11th July 2017

378 pages

Reviewed by Yvonne Davies

Carsten was the youngest born of a well to do German family. Whilst the rest fritted away their money on alcohol, parties and their bohemian lifestyle.  Carsten was studious and began his study medicine, wanting to learn new things he was a complete opposite to his siblings. Coming across a plan that his sister was using a psychic to steal the family fortunes, Carsten realised he had to find out what was going on. From the moment, he saw the psychic’s powers, he knew that he had to learn about the strange phenomenon. After this 1st meeting it takes Carsten on a dark journey to get the information he thrives.

At the start of the story Carsten was a quiet academic type, being the brunt of the jokes in the family, he kept to himself, only having Ava as support. Once he began his studies into the dark arts, he became more confident with himself and his whole persona changed.  People began to treat him with more respect and after having Karl as his henchman made him feel invincible.  The things he did to his family and Ava were horrific and it came across as he had no conscience He did not care who he hurt when he released the dark power and was fixated in his learnings. Whilst Karl did have morals he turned to opium to quash them.

Although this is the 2nd book in the Singularity Cycle series, you do not have to read the first book.  The detail in the story showed how well the author did his research and while you are reading this you can imagine the sights and smells of the 1800s. Whilst the depraved lifestyle of Carsten’s siblings is described in detail, this helps you understand what sort of family he lived with and emphasised his need for knowledge. Whilst story started of slowly you had that sense of dread and as soon as Carsten began to do his research, the story became more intensified, with the pace quicken. With nightmarish deaths and demonic beings this takes you on a gruesome journey of a young man’s journey. A great read for horror lovers.

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