Dalysian Hope by Jamie Summer

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Dalysian Hope by Jamie Summer

Published 20th March 2016

421 pages

Reviewed by Yvonne Davies

What would you do if you started hearing strange noises and get awaken by mysteries creatures trying to kill. This is the dilemma that Sophia Evans has, all she has been told was to follow her instincts and she will know who to trust. Fleeing for her life she is drawn in to a magical world that will see her fight for her life and is she the one to save a race.

As a 17 year old, Sophia was very independent and I think that was due to the fact that she had lived by herself for quite a few years. When she met Ren and Ash she was like every hormonal teenager and I was shocked that she did not scream when they appeared in her bedroom. As her powers were revealed she handled it very well, as  the stronger she got and as more of her purpose was revealed, she was even more determined to do her best. The two men in her life were completely different. Ren was all serious and had a sadistic feel to him whilst Ash was all flirty and fun loving, Despite their differences, when Sophia was in danger they both were there to protect her.

I loved that no-one would give Sophia the complete story, only snippets of what she need to know and as a teenager you could feel Sophia’s frustration, from a reader’s perspective this added mystery to the story as I was always second guessing the author and did not know what to expect. The story flowed easily and the suspension was building to the final scene. With more of her history explained at the end it leads nicely into book 2. This is perfect for young teenager and adults alike. A good start to a fantasy series with a difference

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