The 8th by Matt Shaw

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The 8th by Matt Shaw

Published on 11th November 2017

102 pages

Reviewed by Yvonne Davies

Going to school is hard enough for some teenagers, but if when you are there you are constantly bullied then it is unbearable. This is the case for this young teenager in this story.

Being the new boy is school, he is used to all the stares but when he stands up for David, a quiet lad who was constantly bullied by Piers and his cronies, he became the new target for the bullies.

Written from the main protagonist’s POV, it emphasises what damage the constant bullying has done to him. The story started at the point when he wants to teach the bullies a lesson. Alternating between the present and the past you learn what drove him to breaking point.

As a Mom who has had teenagers through school, my biggest fear was for them to get bullied. Whilst we tell our children to tell us if they are getting bullied you do worry that people will not believe them or the authorities will not act upon it. This story shows the worse in people, students and teachers alike and whilst I cannot condone what he did, I could understand why he did it. These children where regular kids, who had done nothing wrong but to the “IT” crowd they were different and easy targets. The build up to the final scene was intense and my heart was breaking at the end. I would love bullies to read this book and see what damage the name calling and the beatings do to people, but they are bullies so they would not get it.

A great story with some harrowing scenes, a must read for everyone

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