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Hellspawn Sentinel by Ricky Fleet

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Hellspawn Sentinel by Ricky Fleet

Published by Optimus Maximus Publishing on 29th September 2016

258 pages

Reviewed by Yvonne Davies

After a dramatic ending in Book 2 Debbie and Mike split from Kurt and co and go their separate ways. With the hordes of zombies growing in numbers can both groups reach their final destination.

There were more new characters added to this story each with their own story to tell. What made it more interesting was that we were not just following Kurt’s adventure, but also Debbie and Mike’s journey and Baxter’s mission, Baxter was an Army officer with a God complex and one of the most irritating characters I have ever read about. With all these back stories, you would think it would be confusing, but how wrong you would be, each of their stories were clearly identifiable, coming together to make an exciting read.

As in the other books, each new character had their own back story which added more depth to the story. I for one have a new favourite character and hope to know more about Winston in further books.

This book has your emotions in tatters, as the descriptive way the author writes you feel as if there is no hope for the brave team. With crashes, explosions and near death experiences this is full of action and you will not be able to put this book down, I had to force myself to do it as I had to go to work.

With each book getting better and better and the fighting getting more intense, I cannot wait to read book 4

Two Novellas that are a good introduction to their series

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Eyes (The Irises Series Book 1) by Veronique Poirier

Published 10th July 2016

94 pages

Reviewed by Yvonne Davies

Natacha is an Iris, her emotions change her eye colour, but that is just the tip of her powers. Unbeknown to her she has been stalked for the majority of her adult life, by Alex another Iris, who knows that there is something special about her, but when her life is in danger, can he protect the girl he has fallen for. With two villains to confront each with a dodgy past, they are going to have their work cut out.

Natacha throughout this story, never played the damsel in distress, even when she knows of her past, she takes it all in her stride. Alex is your brooding alpha male, who even though he knew what he wanted he never was pushy. The love interest was evenly paced throughout and did not detract from the main story. The author certainly knows how to write a story, this story was full of suspense and with the added twists, made it a real page turner. When I finished it, I wanted to carry on with the story.

A great start to a unique series and I hope that I do not have to wait to long for book 2


Cloaked: A Wulfkin Legacy Novella by TF Walsh

Published by Crimson Romance on 4th January 2016

100 pages

Reviewed by Yvonne Davies

Set in Romania, Daciana is on rohang, very similar to the Amish Rumspringa, the only difference is that Daciana is a moonwolf and has to spend her year away from her pack and live with humans. Thanks to her animal instincts she has managed to get a job at the Animal Institute in Brașov, where her main task is to look after 3 young bear cubs, but when the bears go missing, she is in trouble of losing everything. To protect her freedom, she joins up with Connell a police officer to track down who is behind it.

Daciana was very independent woman and with the added threat of her losing everything made her more determined to track down the culprits.

There was an even balance of suspense and romance to keep both genre lovers happy. The author describing Daciana as being a moonwolf, makes me wonder if they are differences between her and a regular werewolf and I hope to find out more in the other books in this series. I enjoyed the way the author concentrated on Daciana and her job and her investigations. Leaving questions unanswered like how will her pack take to her falling in love with a human, has made me want to read more in the series. A good quick read


Things only the darkness Knows: A Horror Anthology

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Things only the darkness Knows: A Horror Anthology: by R. l. WeeksKayla Krantz, J. L. Clayton, Theresa Jacobs, Skylar Mckinzie, Michal Elaine JohnstonAmanda Leigh, Carissa LynchFrank Zubek Donnell Hicks and Linsey Matthews

Published 5th February 2017

230 pages

Reviewed by Yvonne Davies

30 short stories and poems bought to us by eleven authors, if you have a spare 10 minutes or like me read the whole book from start to finish you will sure to find at least one story your love. Serial Killers, Demonic children, Vampires to name a few, each story has its own horrors,

If I reviewed every story in this anthology, then we would be here all day. So, for this review, here are my favourites.

Eyes of Evil by JL Clayton…Lisa and Erick have wanted a baby but after being told that she will never able to have children, they decide to adopt. On their first visit to meet the children, they come across a young boy called Kai. He was abused by his satanic parents and was put up for adoption, but is he the child of their dreams. From the moment, you start this story, you know that someone or something is evil, Throughout, this story the author makes you doubt your thoughts and ideas, is Kai evil or not. With the suspense building right to the very end, you eventually find out who Kai is.

Caller No 9 by Carissa Lynch… Ariel was involved in a nasty accident and although she is fully recovered she feels that something is missing, so when there is a competition for an all expenses holiday in the rain forest, she just had to be caller no 9, but was it too good to be true. This story is nothing how I imagined it would finish, I was imaging all types of horrors raining down on the rain forest, but I forgot one thing, this is a story by Carissa, the way she finds the darkest horrors in human nature and puts them in a story is brilliant. A story that will keep you guessing to the end.

Christmas Nightmare Inn by Skyler McKinzie…Paige and her friend had booked a holiday to Maple Leaf Inn. A typical inn filled with young people all wanting to spend the Christmas vacation together. Around a log fire the group was told about the supposed haunting of a young girl who died right there at the lodge. From the start, I thought it was going to be a typical ghost story, but with the added twist made it a lot darker. The author had a good way of blending the history of the dead girl with Paige’s trip, a good read.

Darkness by Theresa Jacobs… Farrell had stayed at the pub till closing time. He has to walk 5 miles home in the bitter cold and the dark. This was quite a short story but the author told the story well. With each step Farrell took you could really feel his fear. Although the ending was to be expected, I was still surprised by the response of the others. Could this be an urban legend?

Bloodlust by Amanda Leigh… A story of a vampire and his thirst for blood. It was a refreshing change to read a story about a vampire doing what vampires do, kill people for their blood, add a witch and you get a great battle. Not a sparkle in sight.

There is a good collection of authors in this is book and there were quite a few authors, I had not read before. There was a good balance of length of stories which does mean you can fit them in round life. My only complaint is that some stories left me wanting more, although this is not a bad thing. Another good anthology.

Gristle and Bones by Duncan Ralston

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Gristle and Bones by Duncan Ralston

Published by Shadow Work Publishing on 17th June 2014

274 pages

Reviewed by Yvonne Davies

For this anthology, the author has taken a regular human need or action and turned them into seven dark stories, each one completely different from the one before.

Baby Teeth: Candace and Joel really want a baby, but after Candance was told she couldn’t have children, they slowly drifted apart. However, when Candance started hearing noises in the house, she did not expect the outcome. Reading this story, you definitely know that this is horror as the way the author described what happened to Candace was one of the darkest scenes I have read which was not what I expected.

Beware of the Dog: When Dean needed counselling for his PTSD, he knew that he had to go home and seek professional help. Going back home drags up old memories and the fears he had as a young boy resurfaces, but the saying “A dog is a man’s best friend” is definitely true. This is a moving story about a man who has to face his childhood fears and the guilt he still had over a childhood fight. Meeting up with his teenage crush was a pleasant surprise.

Viral: When a girl’s disappearance goes viral, Tara Maxwell manages to persuade her editor to let her investigate. This quite a sad story as there are a lot of people that are invisible and are able to hide their pain from the outside world. A very thoughtful story.

Artifact: A group of friends are highly successful in the porn industry, what their customer don’t know is that they trick the girls into performing for the camera. Everything was going well until an unexpected visitor gets revenge. This is a story about revenge, although a ghost story, it shows the seedy side of the porn industry.

End User: Mason is getting emails and videos from an unknown source. This story is full of suspense, and you are kept guessing who is responsible and the reason behind it until the very end.

Fat of the Land: David and June are on vacation, and they come across a restaurant where they try the most amazing food, but where did the meat come from. David and June had grown comfortable together and June started to notice small things that irritated her. Although I had my suspicions about the food, I enjoyed reading this story. The description of the meal made you feel as if you were in the restaurant eating the meal. The dramatic scenes after the meal, made this story a real page turner.

Scavengers: We have all heard of people who dumpster dive, to find food that has just been thrown out, but when Jim comes across a dumpster diver that can threaten life, he knows that he has to take action. This was one of my favourites and the longest story in the book. Written from the neighbour’s retelling of the events, this story had everything horror, suspense and action. I loved the idea of a new creature terrorising the streets and the description on how they moved reminding me of the girl from The Ring.

This book was a great introduction for me to the author’s work and I loved each story. The majority of this book I could see being made into a TV show like Tales of the Unexpected, as the descriptive way the author tells a story, makes you feel that you are there watching it scene by scene. A good read