The Portal: An Afterlife Novella by Isabel Brann

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The Portal: An Afterlife Novella by Isabel Brann

Published on 3rd May 2016

128 pages

Reviewed by Yvonne Davies


The Mason Family are portals, mortals that help wandering souls get to heaven or hell. Amelia became a portal when her older brother was killed, not knowing what she had to do , there was only one person she could go. Kyle, her brother’s best friend, has spent his whole life winding her up. As a guardian Kyle was the only one who could show her what it was meant to be a portal.

The characters develop throughout the story as Amelia was the type of girl who kept herself to herself, losing everyone she loved she made it her mission to keep everyone at arm’s length, this made her come across as cold and of cause an easy target for Kyle. Kyle on the other hand was full of life and reminding me of the annoying boy who felt the only way to tell a girl that he fancied them was to annoy them, the type to be the pig tail puller in the playground. The mission they go on is full of surprises and you could feel the sexual tension between Amelia and Kyle from the moment they set foot in Venezuela. Amelia is forced to address her issues with her life to get the job done.

The story is well written and is a good introduction to a new author. The mix between paranormal and action was spot on , which made it a quick read. I hope it will not be long before I can read more of Amelia and Kyle as I don’t think their missions will be boring. A good unique story 


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