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Where the Dead Go to Die by Aaron Dries and Mark Allan Gunnells

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Where the Dead Go to Die by Aaron Dries and Mark Allan Gunnells

Published by Crystal Lake Publishing on 28th November 2016

197 pages

Reviewed by Yvonne Davies


A government run hospice for zombies, where the undead go to live out their remaining days.  Emily is an agency nurse who has a past, having to provide for her daughter leads her to getting a job in one of the hospices. It’s a job that no-ones wants, caring for the undead whilst running the gauntlet with the anti-hospice supporters.

The hospice setting gave a human element to the zombies and it was a pleasant change to have the zombies having conversations and being treated with compassion. The horror element to this book builds up slowly lulling you into a false sense of security and when it started I must admit I let out a shocked cry. Throughout the story, Emily’s past is revealed and you understand why she is so protective over her daughter and why she has such a caring nature for the patients.

When I finished this book my emotions were in tatters, as a mom there were parts of this story that I could not imaging me doing and my heart went out to Robby who was in the hospice. My favourite character was Mama Metcalf a lonely elderly lady who had a heart of gold. Some of her one liners broke up the tension in the book.  A nice touch was the instruction on how to make an origami crane which were at the beginning of some of the chapters.

The story flowed smoothly and with the added suspense made it a quick read. the twist at the end was unexpected. Another great publication by Crystal Lake and a well written book by Aaron Dries and Mark Allan Gunnells

Reign Drops (The Bloodborne Series Book1) by C Patt

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Reign Drops (The Bloodborne Series Book1) by C Patt

Published 27th June 2016

114 pages

Reviewed by Yvonne Davies


Dalia is Mayan, and was brought up by catholic missionaries. When the Mayan calendar ended, Dalia knew she had to go home to her tribe. Dalia’s and her sisters were Mantan, thy had inherited a gift that could save her tribe from what history had described as a monster. Whilst Ana her eldest sister is performing a ceremony she goes missing and Dalia is drawn to a magical amulet, not knowing what magic it would give her. Add to this, is a mysterious man, who in a past visions helps the tribe against the pixan or as we would call them vampires.

Dalia was an interested character as to the western world she was archaic, not having many personal belonging and loving the simple life, but to her tribe she was very westernised, wearing trainers and trousers and speaking English. Although she did not really believe in the prophecy she stepped up to the task when she knew that her sister was in trouble. At the start of the story, I found Dalia quite naïve but after she got the amulet, she grew braver and more independent.

The mysterious man known to the tribe as Lohil is Carrick. I am not going to say much about him as it was a surprise to find out who he was. All I will say is there an instant attraction between him and Dalia.

This story has a well-balanced blend of history and fantasy and not knowing much about the Mayan tribe, I found this an interested read. The story flowed well and the action was building as the story progressed. What was nice was it did not finish on a cliff hanger but the ending left enough questions unanswered to make me want to read book 2. I want to know if Carrick makes another appearance. A good read.