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Runaway Vampire (Argeneau Vampires #23)
Author: Lynsay Sands
Publisher: Gollancz
Page count: 368pp
Release date: 25th Feb 2016
Reviewer: Theresa Derwin


Recently widowed Mary Winslow (62 years old) is driving her RV down back roads at night, with her dog Bailey for company, when she hits something, or someone in the road. But when she gets out to investigate, there’s nothing in the road. Oblivious to the extra passenger hidden in her RV, Mary continues on her journey.
In the meantime, her secret passenger, Dante Notte, (vampire) is in pretty bad shape, mangled in fact, having been run over by the RV in his attempt to flee his pursuers. So now, he’s lying half in the bedroom, half in the bathroom, bloody and bashed, unable to move or call for help. He attempts to enter Mary’s mind to control her and get help, but he’s far too weak.
When Mary finally pulls the RV over, on a mission to find a pay phone and call the police to tell them she may have run something over, she gives in to Bailey’s whimpers, opening her bedroom door to let the dog jump up and sleep on the bed. But as Mary turns on the light, that isn’t what she sees.
Instead of curling up on her bunk, her dog is busy licking blood off the naked man sprawled on the floor; and it’s a sight for sore eyes.
After feeding on the locals at a truck stop diner, Dante is mostly healed, but still distractingly naked, as he sets off in the RV taking Mary with him (for her own safety). He explains that he and his twin brother were kidnapped, and while Dante had escaped only to be run over by Mary, his brother Tomasso is still held prisoner. The brothers, he explains, are part of a task force investing the disappearance of young men and women in the San Antonio area. To Mary, this translates as “Oh God, I’ve run over a Fed.”
At this stage, Mary has no clue that Dante is a vampire, and a member of the Argeneau family either, one of the strongest vampire families in the world. And though she may be a withered, old 62 (in her opinion) she’s still aware of Dante looking at her in a certain way and can’t figure out why. But for Dante, the reason is obvious; Mary is his life mate.
What I really like about these characters and this burgeoning relationship, is that whilst Mary underrates herself, as unfortunately most women tend to do, Dante sees her as we, the reader see her; young at her core, passionate, curvaceous, intelligent and brave. As well as beautiful.
The romance is handled perfectly and believably.
Dear Reader, yes, it is possible to have feelings about another person and/or sex past the age of fifty! They way Dante describes Mary is wonderful –  when she worries about him finding her attractive ‘at her age’ he responds “The scars and marks left by time, show that you have lived life.”
As always, Sands has an excellent sense of humour, particularly with some of the love making scenes. I won’t spoil all your fun, but I do have to mention the condom scene. That is all!
Between the sex, the lighthearted narrative, the intrigue and emotional aspects of the book, this is another hit from the Argeneau vampire series.
Twenty three and still going strong!

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