Queen of the Gods (Hanson Hell Series #1) by Taylor Rose

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Queen of the Gods (Hanson Hell Series #1) by Taylor Rose

Published on 28th April 2016

164 pages

Reviewed by Yvonne Davies


Arissa is not a typical teenager, going to a college for gifted children, she is being trained to become a spy. Leaving college for the summer break, she has a big decision to make and it means breaking her best friend’s hearts. Hale has been Arissa’s best friend ever since they were young and with his cousins will protect Arissa with their lives. But what they find out over the summer changes all their lives for ever.

Arissa is a very determined girl and although she likes have her boys around, she does like to stand on her own two feet. Hale and his cousins all have a heart of gold and are all gorgeous, but Hale only has eyes for Arissa and whilst you are reading this book you are wondering if they are blind to each other’s feelings.

Swapping from Arissa and Hale’s POV, helped tell their story. This story flowed well and it was a pleasant change for me to read more about the demi gods. Throughout this book there were some funny moments especially when the boys all got together and I did have a few giggles when I read their antics. The battle on the beach was a surprise and I didn’t expect the outcome, but it completed the story.  My only complaint was to the boy’s reactions when they found out their ancestry. I would have a freaked especially when I found out that the Arissa’s dad was Zeus, but this did not stop me enjoying the story. Reading the excerpt for book two, I am pleased that the author is going to concentrate on further demi gods.

If you love your Greek mythology and want to read a book with a modern feel and HEA then get this book. A good read that kept my interest.

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