A Love of Magic: Jace’s Story: Chosen Saga Book 1.5 by JL Clayton

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A Love of Magic: Jace’s Story: Chosen Saga Book 1.5 by JL Clayton

Published 30th November 2016

84 pages

Reviewed by Yvonne Davies


After reading A Spark of Magic, I wanted to know more about Jace as in book 1 he was a bit of a Jekyll and Hyde, and A Love of Magic is the perfect book.

The first few scenes in the book show snippets of when Jace and Charlie are growing up before Charlie had her memory wiped. Like a typical boy Jace didn’t want to hang out with a girl, but over the years he grew to love her. Jump forward to just before her 16th birthday and they meet up again.

Written from Jace’s POV, the rest of the book is about how Jace tries to get Charlie to remember and to love him again.

Jace is your typical horny teenager when it comes to Charlie, and some of his one liners are priceless. It was so sweet reading the scene from his POV when he was healing Charlie of her emotional pain after the attack.

To fully appreciate this book; you do need to read A Spark of Magic, book 1 in the Chosen Saga, but be warned once you do you will be hooked. Luckily there are 3 full stories and 2 short stories so far.

If you are undecided who’s team you are on, hopefully after reading this you will be Team Jace. A great read and a good accompaniment to The Chosen Saga.

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