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A Love of Magic: Jace’s Story: Chosen Saga Book 1.5 by JL Clayton

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A Love of Magic: Jace’s Story: Chosen Saga Book 1.5 by JL Clayton

Published 30th November 2016

84 pages

Reviewed by Yvonne Davies


After reading A Spark of Magic, I wanted to know more about Jace as in book 1 he was a bit of a Jekyll and Hyde, and A Love of Magic is the perfect book.

The first few scenes in the book show snippets of when Jace and Charlie are growing up before Charlie had her memory wiped. Like a typical boy Jace didn’t want to hang out with a girl, but over the years he grew to love her. Jump forward to just before her 16th birthday and they meet up again.

Written from Jace’s POV, the rest of the book is about how Jace tries to get Charlie to remember and to love him again.

Jace is your typical horny teenager when it comes to Charlie, and some of his one liners are priceless. It was so sweet reading the scene from his POV when he was healing Charlie of her emotional pain after the attack.

To fully appreciate this book; you do need to read A Spark of Magic, book 1 in the Chosen Saga, but be warned once you do you will be hooked. Luckily there are 3 full stories and 2 short stories so far.

If you are undecided who’s team you are on, hopefully after reading this you will be Team Jace. A great read and a good accompaniment to The Chosen Saga.

Eroticon Competition Fusion

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Theresa Derwin

The gateway only opened for a few seconds but it was long enough to let them escape. I jumped through after the dark-fae, desperate to fuse the two partitions shut before anymore breached the city.

It was my job to guard the entrance; and I had failed. How many had snuck through that breach?

I sniffed the air, scenting for traces of dark magic.

There. Just a hint.

I grabbed my dagger and headed towards the dark-fae.


It took me a little over forty minutes to track him; would’ve took a purebred longer, but I was good. And I was a halfling.

I smelled him before I saw him, all apple and spice; yummy.
I’d known that dark-fae were pretty irresistible, but this one was breathtaking. He was at least 6ft 3in, broad shoulders swathed in a long black coat, shoulder-length brown hair, and piercing green eyes. And those lips. Damn, I felt my lady parts clench at the thought of him.

Molly, get control!

I took a deep breath and edged towards him, blade at the ready in case, dousing him in sleep-dust.

He dropped to the ground of the alleyway in a heap.

Good. I needed him alive.

The dark-fae came around slowly, shaking his head to rouse himself. Even that small action aroused me. He grunted, shook his head again, opening those gorgeous green eyes.
“Morning handsome,” I said.
“Ugh, what happened?” His voice was deep, throaty. I liked it.
I liked him. But I shouldn’t like anything about him. He was the bad guy.

“I’m not a bad guy really,” he said, with a smile.

Huh, I don’t remember saying that out loud.

“You didn’t,” he said, “I can hear your thoughts girl, you’re practically screamin at me.”

“Yeah right. And don’t call me girl!” I admonished.

“Seriously, I’m a reformed character,” he said, completely ignoring my ‘girl’ comment.

I snorted, splashing him with sugar-water.

He screamed, and fought against his bonds.

Good luck, I thought. Those chains were iron.

When he’d got over screaming he glared at me, and I stumbled back as I ‘heard’ him in my head ‘saying’ “Iron? Thanks for that!”

Fae were kind of allergic to iron.
Then the penny dropped; he could hear my thoughts and I could hear his. What the holy f-

“Yep, girl- sorry, Molly. We can hear each other. We’re mates.”

“We’re not even on speaking terms, let alone mates you idiot! And why would that mean – oh!”

Oh, crap, double crap, he meant mates as in life-mates, lovers, shag buddies.

“Oh you’re so romantic,” he said, “can’t wait to get you into bed! That’ll be fun.”

“You should be so lucky!” I snarled, offended despite the fact I so had no intention of sleeping with him.
“Really?” he asked, looking me up and down.
And I gulped.
Okay, he was hot. Very hot. And I had to admit I found him attractive; annoying as hell, but still, attractive. But there was no way –
“Even if it closes the gate?” he asked, almost innocently.
Triple crap. There was only one way to fuse the gateway closed, to keep anymore dark-fae escaping, and that was through sex.
I looked at his smouldering green eyes and let out a ragged breath.
It’s a hard job, I thought, but someone has to do it.

“I don’t even know your name,” I whispered, staring at the naked, broad, olive-skinned chest and shoulders that faced me. I mean, literally faced me – he was at least a foot taller.
He’d stripped off in just a couple of swift moves and I was gaping at how delicious he looked. All tanned skin and muscle.
We were stood in front of the graffitied, brick wall, invisible to mundane eyes, both undressed.
“Jared,” he breathed, eyeing me up and down.
I’d stripped before him, brave, but now I felt self-conscious as he drank me in, then moved towards me, predator-like, his tall figure just inches in front of mine.
“Jared,” I said, my tongue suddenly dry.
“Beautiful,” he returned, one strong arm grasping my hips, the other, cradling my neck and reaching down to kiss me.
I forgot everything as he swooped in and his lips took mine, his tongue moving expertly in an intimate dance, stealing my breath away.
The magic rose as he continued to kiss me,
Then the arm grasping my hip was suddenly gone, and I felt warm flesh between us and gasped as his finger plunged deep inside me, finding that sweet spot.
“Oh gods,” I screamed, as his fingers moved inside me, playing with my clitoris, gentle yet eager, alternately building me up towards orgasm then pulling me back down, until it was almost all-consuming.
“For the God’s Sake, Jared,” I whimpered, as his mouth pulled away, finding one erect nipple, then the next, his tongue flicking over the bud, then a flash of light and he was inside me, pushing, slowly at first.
“Molly,” he breathed, lifting me up and shoving my back against the wall that firmed the gateway” “You’re mine.”
I should’ve been offended, but I was too busy spiralling to my first orgasm in years, as he thrust inside me, nuzzling my neck and groaning my name, his movements becoming faster and faster, the tingling and warmth inside me, rippling, then growing until finally, our screams roared out in unison.
The orgasm burst through me, a tidal wave of pleasure and magic offering me the release I needed as I collapsed back into the wall, shuddering through the ecstasy.
I felt him come inside me, a jack knife of pleasure roaring through us both, the magic rushing between us, in us, then into the gateway, fusing the two halves into one while.
Just like us, I thought absently, my head flopping onto his firm shoulders as my whole body sagged.
I felt the gateway close, a million dark souls screaming in frustration as the magic sealed it shut, forever.


Eroticon Competition


Theresa Derwin

Theresa – writing genre fiction since … her last cup of  coffee

Blue Moon by Angela Colsin

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Blue Moon by Angela Colsin

Published on 16th February 2013

458 pages

Reviewed by Yvonne Davies

25557691Cade has just seen his dad murdered by the Alpha of his pack. Now it’s up to him to keep the pack together and find out who is involved in turned humans into werewolves for illegal fighting.

Ashley wants to have a better life away from her father, what she didn’t plan was to be attacked and turned, managing to escape she comes across Leo, a werewolf who knows she needs help and offers her help from his pack.

Cade is your typical Alpha male, brooding over the death of his father, blaming himself and not having fun. When he took Ashley in, he saw her as a pup that needed taming and not as a mate.

Ashley whilst timid as a human was one feisty wolf, standing no nonsense from Cade, she stood up to him at every chance she could. Whilst living with Cade, she slowly began to love her new life and learnt to have control of her feelings. There were times that she still thought like a human, this gave the author chance to explain more about Lupine lore.

The romance between Ashley and Cade grew throughout the story and although this is a paranormal romance, there was enough action to keep my interest. As the story was about a werewolf pack there were quite a few minor characters mentioned. In fact, Leo and Sara were two of my favourite characters. Leo was a loyal member to the pact and was a gentle father who took a fatherly interest in Ashley. Sara is Cade’s sister and like younger sisters was busy playing matchmaker whilst taking Ashley under her wing and being a sister to her.

This book is a good start to the series and I am interested to see what happens next to Cade and Ashley. If you like werewolves or paranormal romance, then this is a good book for you.

Death Stalks Kettle Street by John Bowen

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Death Stalks Kettle Street by  John Bowen
Page Count: 374
Release date: 9th December 2016
Reviewed by Chris Amies


Greg Unsworth has Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Massive, almost-crippling OCD that makes it difficult for him to get out of the house and he has to count backwards from 100 before he can cross the road. His world is circumscribed by drawing comic-book characters, making trips to the local shop, and occasional excursions to the city.
Beth Grue is an aspiring writer. She has Cerebral Palsy but doesn’t let that stand in her way. More of an issue for her at the moment is that the teacher of her Creative Writing class assumes wrongly she’ll be an easy catch.
And in the town they live in, the suburban peace is about to get broken by a series of inexplicable and vicious murders.
I enjoyed this novel. I felt the narrative bowled along. The murders are intriguing and Bowen sets us up from the first to expect what is known as a ‘cosy’ … but then there is nothing cosy about murder, and it has ramifications, not least in this case where Greg seems to be being set up to take the blame. Teaming up with Beth the two of them set off to find out what is going on. There are suitable blind alleys and red herrings and characters who could easily have done it, but did they? The reader has to read and find out.
The two protagonists having respectively OCD and CP was intriguing and convincing especially about the question which all must be asked, without actually saying it: What’s wrong with you? Both are tough characters in their way and their relationship develops interestingly. The secondary characters are well-rounded: throughout there is a theme of people not being reducible to a word or an adjective: that one story tends to become the only story. Your adjective is not your definition or your limitation. A similar lack of definition extends to the novel’s setting: the characters’ home town (‘Northcroft’) is likely Northfield, a southern suburb of Birmingham, and the ‘city’ is clearly Brum, including a good description of the new Library. They aren’t named as such though which allows the writer to take liberties with their geography.
There is no supernatural element to the story, unlike some of John Bowen’s other work. Instead “Death Stalks Kettle Street” marks a strong and confident turn towards the detective genre.

Runaway Vampire (Argeneau Vampires 23)

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Runaway Vampire (Argeneau Vampires #23)
Author: Lynsay Sands
Publisher: Gollancz
Page count: 368pp
Release date: 25th Feb 2016
Reviewer: Theresa Derwin


Recently widowed Mary Winslow (62 years old) is driving her RV down back roads at night, with her dog Bailey for company, when she hits something, or someone in the road. But when she gets out to investigate, there’s nothing in the road. Oblivious to the extra passenger hidden in her RV, Mary continues on her journey.
In the meantime, her secret passenger, Dante Notte, (vampire) is in pretty bad shape, mangled in fact, having been run over by the RV in his attempt to flee his pursuers. So now, he’s lying half in the bedroom, half in the bathroom, bloody and bashed, unable to move or call for help. He attempts to enter Mary’s mind to control her and get help, but he’s far too weak.
When Mary finally pulls the RV over, on a mission to find a pay phone and call the police to tell them she may have run something over, she gives in to Bailey’s whimpers, opening her bedroom door to let the dog jump up and sleep on the bed. But as Mary turns on the light, that isn’t what she sees.
Instead of curling up on her bunk, her dog is busy licking blood off the naked man sprawled on the floor; and it’s a sight for sore eyes.
After feeding on the locals at a truck stop diner, Dante is mostly healed, but still distractingly naked, as he sets off in the RV taking Mary with him (for her own safety). He explains that he and his twin brother were kidnapped, and while Dante had escaped only to be run over by Mary, his brother Tomasso is still held prisoner. The brothers, he explains, are part of a task force investing the disappearance of young men and women in the San Antonio area. To Mary, this translates as “Oh God, I’ve run over a Fed.”
At this stage, Mary has no clue that Dante is a vampire, and a member of the Argeneau family either, one of the strongest vampire families in the world. And though she may be a withered, old 62 (in her opinion) she’s still aware of Dante looking at her in a certain way and can’t figure out why. But for Dante, the reason is obvious; Mary is his life mate.
What I really like about these characters and this burgeoning relationship, is that whilst Mary underrates herself, as unfortunately most women tend to do, Dante sees her as we, the reader see her; young at her core, passionate, curvaceous, intelligent and brave. As well as beautiful.
The romance is handled perfectly and believably.
Dear Reader, yes, it is possible to have feelings about another person and/or sex past the age of fifty! They way Dante describes Mary is wonderful –  when she worries about him finding her attractive ‘at her age’ he responds “The scars and marks left by time, show that you have lived life.”
As always, Sands has an excellent sense of humour, particularly with some of the love making scenes. I won’t spoil all your fun, but I do have to mention the condom scene. That is all!
Between the sex, the lighthearted narrative, the intrigue and emotional aspects of the book, this is another hit from the Argeneau vampire series.
Twenty three and still going strong!