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A Love of Magic: Jace’s Story: Chosen Saga Book 1.5 by JL Clayton

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A Love of Magic: Jace’s Story: Chosen Saga Book 1.5 by JL Clayton

Published 30th November 2016

84 pages

Reviewed by Yvonne Davies


After reading A Spark of Magic, I wanted to know more about Jace as in book 1 he was a bit of a Jekyll and Hyde, and A Love of Magic is the perfect book.

The first few scenes in the book show snippets of when Jace and Charlie are growing up before Charlie had her memory wiped. Like a typical boy Jace didn’t want to hang out with a girl, but over the years he grew to love her. Jump forward to just before her 16th birthday and they meet up again.

Written from Jace’s POV, the rest of the book is about how Jace tries to get Charlie to remember and to love him again.

Jace is your typical horny teenager when it comes to Charlie, and some of his one liners are priceless. It was so sweet reading the scene from his POV when he was healing Charlie of her emotional pain after the attack.

To fully appreciate this book; you do need to read A Spark of Magic, book 1 in the Chosen Saga, but be warned once you do you will be hooked. Luckily there are 3 full stories and 2 short stories so far.

If you are undecided who’s team you are on, hopefully after reading this you will be Team Jace. A great read and a good accompaniment to The Chosen Saga.

Blue Moon by Angela Colsin

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Blue Moon by Angela Colsin

Published on 16th February 2013

458 pages

Reviewed by Yvonne Davies

25557691Cade has just seen his dad murdered by the Alpha of his pack. Now it’s up to him to keep the pack together and find out who is involved in turned humans into werewolves for illegal fighting.

Ashley wants to have a better life away from her father, what she didn’t plan was to be attacked and turned, managing to escape she comes across Leo, a werewolf who knows she needs help and offers her help from his pack.

Cade is your typical Alpha male, brooding over the death of his father, blaming himself and not having fun. When he took Ashley in, he saw her as a pup that needed taming and not as a mate.

Ashley whilst timid as a human was one feisty wolf, standing no nonsense from Cade, she stood up to him at every chance she could. Whilst living with Cade, she slowly began to love her new life and learnt to have control of her feelings. There were times that she still thought like a human, this gave the author chance to explain more about Lupine lore.

The romance between Ashley and Cade grew throughout the story and although this is a paranormal romance, there was enough action to keep my interest. As the story was about a werewolf pack there were quite a few minor characters mentioned. In fact, Leo and Sara were two of my favourite characters. Leo was a loyal member to the pact and was a gentle father who took a fatherly interest in Ashley. Sara is Cade’s sister and like younger sisters was busy playing matchmaker whilst taking Ashley under her wing and being a sister to her.

This book is a good start to the series and I am interested to see what happens next to Cade and Ashley. If you like werewolves or paranormal romance, then this is a good book for you.

Haunted Grave and Other Stories by Ezeiyoke Chukwunonso

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Haunted Grave and Other Stories by Ezeiyoke Chukwunonso

Published 1st August 2016 by Parallel Universe Publications

101 pages

Reviewed by Yvonne Davies


8 short stories each completely different, the only common theme was the African setting. I have not read anything by this author nor have I read a story set in Africa, I didn’t know what to expect but I pleasantly surprised. Each story left you wanting to read more, making it a quick read.

Eaters of Flesh is about a young man’s missing mom. Written in his POV, you find him trying to find the truth about why his mom was getting ill and then just disappeared. With a note left from his mom and his dad’s weird behaviour, was is due to her religious belief or was it something else. It is not till the end of this story do you find out what actually happened.

The Last Man Standing: Nigeria is battling ADAIDS, an advanced form of AIDS. To speed up the research, the government start moving their money from non-essential items like TV, Radio and what they deemed non-essential foodstuff. This does not hit home to the protagonist until he can’t buy a can a Sprite. Opening up his place he tries to set up a safe haven for survivors and it works pretty well until one of his trips he finds a lonely young girl. This story shows the true horror of death and the fear of dying.

Exorcism: The narrator of this story is the other half of Ifeanyi. Reading this you can’t tell who is good or evil as Ifeanyi likes to get on the wrong side of people and the narrator tries his best to put it right. A good twist at the end when a priest pays a visit.

Haunted Grave: A story about an urban legend. Sitting in an old cemetery Chidi tells them the story of Ekene. Like all urban legends was it true or not but the story never goes away. Beware of people with nails as teeth.

To Love is Strange: A moving story of a clan that the females are cursed. They can have sex but not with the man they love. Juliet enjoys sleeping around to satisfy her itch but what feelings does she hide. Her twin sister Ginika is in love with Ebuka. Written in Ginika POV, the story is about the battle of her conscious and what risks she is willing to take to get what she wants.

A Cursed City: When children go missing they are reported to the Elders. The one witness is Nkeshi, the local drunk, she saw a bird like monster with the body of a man take a child. Due to her status, they did not take her serious, but then more children go missing, each eye witness the same thing. This is a story about revenge and the loss of a civilisation.

The Game of Aids: Another story about the Aids virus, Maria is the latest victim of the Aids virus. Caught from her husband this is story about how he caught the virus.

The Green Race: The one sci-fi story, Professor Oliver Brown is giving a lecture about his time on Mars and his views on the alien life form he met.

What I enjoyed about this book is that not all horror are monsters, what happens in the modern world is just as horrific. The stories leave you thinking about the vulnerability of the human race, Aids, revenge and racism all play a part. These stories are well written with a mixture of African culture and horror makes them a good quick read. Looking on his Amazon page, this author has other stories published which I will definitely read.

Queen of the Gods (Hanson Hell Series #1) by Taylor Rose

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Queen of the Gods (Hanson Hell Series #1) by Taylor Rose

Published on 28th April 2016

164 pages

Reviewed by Yvonne Davies


Arissa is not a typical teenager, going to a college for gifted children, she is being trained to become a spy. Leaving college for the summer break, she has a big decision to make and it means breaking her best friend’s hearts. Hale has been Arissa’s best friend ever since they were young and with his cousins will protect Arissa with their lives. But what they find out over the summer changes all their lives for ever.

Arissa is a very determined girl and although she likes have her boys around, she does like to stand on her own two feet. Hale and his cousins all have a heart of gold and are all gorgeous, but Hale only has eyes for Arissa and whilst you are reading this book you are wondering if they are blind to each other’s feelings.

Swapping from Arissa and Hale’s POV, helped tell their story. This story flowed well and it was a pleasant change for me to read more about the demi gods. Throughout this book there were some funny moments especially when the boys all got together and I did have a few giggles when I read their antics. The battle on the beach was a surprise and I didn’t expect the outcome, but it completed the story.  My only complaint was to the boy’s reactions when they found out their ancestry. I would have a freaked especially when I found out that the Arissa’s dad was Zeus, but this did not stop me enjoying the story. Reading the excerpt for book two, I am pleased that the author is going to concentrate on further demi gods.

If you love your Greek mythology and want to read a book with a modern feel and HEA then get this book. A good read that kept my interest.

Playing with Fire (Criminal Elements Book 1) by Clare and Cris Meyers

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Playing with Fire (Criminal Elements Book 1) by Clare and Cris Meyers

Published 31st August 2016

276 pages

Reviewed by Yvonne Davies


Renee and Stone are both Talents, people with magic but each with their own expertise. Used to working alone, they both do jobs on the wrong side of the law, but a botched job in Russia is the start of a beautiful working and personal relationship. Whilst after Russia they go their separate way, they meet up a few years later when Stone is doing a small security job. From that moment, they start working as a couple. When they are hired to pull off a heist involving a magical gem and get revenge on an old nemesis then the fun starts.

Renee is a strong very confident woman, she’s a loner, and does not give anything away with her emotions, she is a tough nut to crack, and is good at her job. Stoner is ex-military, ex-hitman who is not afraid of violence. Individually they are good but together they are unstoppable. Working with their strengths they know how to get the best from each other.

What I enjoyed about this book was that the main heist required more than just Renee and Stone to pull it off and the authors introduce us to Rook, Carlos and Grace. Adding these three characters changed the dynamics of the group and you see Renee softening to Grace and Carlos. Rook is the character everyone loves to hate as he is so annoying, but the interaction with him does add to some comical moments and I think that it does teach Stone a lesson in tolerance.

This is a good Paranormal mystery with a touch of romance and it is different to read about a couple that are on the wrong side of the law. With the additional characters, I can see spin offs to this series as I for one would like to read more of Grace’s story. The ending left me wanting more as I wanted to know what happened after the heist. I will definately keep an eye out for the next book