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The Mansion’s Twins (At the Crossworlds Book 1) by Rose M Channing

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The Mansion’s Twins (At the Crossworlds Book 1) by Rose M Channing

Published on 22nd July 2014

428 pages

Reviewed by Yvonne Davies


Ellie and Savannah are twins separated at birth, now 14 they both realise they have special powers. Ellie can levitate items and Savannah can see through walls. Both lived with horrendous families after a chance meeting in the park they realise they are twins and run off together. Ellie had made friends with Amber and her daughter Gabrielle and decides to take Savannah to Amber’s tree to go into hiding, not realising it was a passage to another world. Walking through the passage they enter in a world that had been devastated by a magical storm. Arriving at a mansion they find out that they are the infamous Senka twins and they are there to right the world by finding the centre of  magic. This is where their adventure begins, attending magic lessons, making new friends and learning to work together, but will they save their world.

As soon as the twins arrived at the mansion they were introduced to a lot of new people, at the start I thought I would get confused with a number of new characters but there was no need to worry as the way the author wrote the story, you could remember who’s who due to each character having their own personality. The author made the point that although the twins were identical they both had different characteristics. Ellie although a confident person, had self-doubt with her magic, whilst Savannah was the quiet one who was quick at learning new skills.

The story got better and better as you read it. The journey to find the centre of magic was set just in the mansion. I thought this was a great idea as each stage of the adventure had a different quest and it reminded me of going round a haunted house and not knowing what to expect when you opened a door.    

Not finishing on a cliffhanger this was a good reading and leads nicely into book 2    

Mother by Tamara Thorne and Alistair Cross

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Mother by Tamara Thorne and Alistair Cross

Published by Glass Apple Press on 9th April 2016

538 Pages

Reviewed by Yvonne Davies


Mother is Priscilla Martin, she oversees the residents of Morning Glory Circle a cul-de-sac in Snapdragon like a General rules his army. Claire is her daughter who managed to escape her when she left for college, but now falling on hard times, her and her husband Jason have had to move back in with her. Jason not understanding what his wife had against her mom, promises her that will only stay for a few months and will be in their own place by the time the baby is born. All he knows is that Claire’s older brother Timothy died when she was younger.

 Priscilla was one of the evilest creepiest characters that I have ever read about, and from the moment she was introduced I despised her. Jason is a devoted husband but I felt myself wanting to shout at him to wake up and see what Priscilla was doing to Claire. Claire who after having one of the most difficult childhoods has grown into a strong woman. Throughout the story, you get introduced to the other residents on the sac and like any tight community, there are all sorts living there, from the 2 old dears that top up their pension by running a sex chat line to one male resident who liked to wear ladies underwear. What they all have in common is that they all get told what to do by Priscilla.  Some of their scenes even added a comedy element which did break up some of the tension. Every secondary character had their own back stories which added more depth to the story. With a lot of characters, you would expect it to get confusing but the authors introduce the characters so well, you can instantly remember them when they appear further along in the book.

This book reminded me of a horror film, you know something was going to happen but you don’t know when. This style of writing kept my interest from page 1 and I found I got annoyed when real life happened and I had to put the book down. I spent the whole time reading it with goosebumps on my arms and with some of the scenes my heart was in my mouth as the tension was really building.  The story was smoothly written and you could not tell that 2 authors had collaborated together. If you are looking for an edge of your seat book that will keep you up all night, then buy this book. It was a brilliant read and as a mother, with a boy and a girl I could not imagine being like Priscilla  

Necrobloods by Lauren Stock and Robert Stock

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Necrobloods by Lauren Stock and Robert Stock

Published by Dragon Girl Press on 10th November 2015

235 pages

Reviewed by Yvonne Davies


Celeste lives in Salem, but although her ancestors were witches, Celeste and her friends cast Elemental magic and as soon as they reach their 16th birthday they can be picked to go to battle against the Spirituals.  This battle happens every 1000 years and the winners rule for the next 1000.

Celeste with her best friend Gena, go to school with normals and have to keep their magic a secret. Celeste is your typical teenager who, crushes on the popular guys and struggles with her grades. She also loves a game of Basketball. On many occasion she is tempted to use her magic to get what she wants but thanks to Gena she resists temptation. Leading up to her 16th birthday things start to change, she starts getting noticed by boys and is torn between Sean: Gena’s elder brother and Carter a regular boy at school, she is attracted to the smell of blood and she finds out what she can really do. On top of this she finds out about the millennium battle and meet some long lost relations

As soon as you start this book you are met with a descriptive battle and it grabs your interest straight away. There is a nice flow to the book which makes it an easy read. The way the author writes the battle scenes makes you feel you are there.  Celeste starts out being in Gena’s shadow but as you read her story she becomes more confident and learns to stand up for herself. Both girls are easily recognisable and you will all know a teenage girl like them.

Just as you feel you know what was coming next the author throws a twist to the story that keeps you guessing the outcome. This book will appeal to teenagers and us of the older variety. If you like paranormal/fantasy, then this is a good book to read            

Awakening (Promiscus Guardians Book 1) by Brianna West

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Awakening (Promiscus Guardians Book 1) by Brianna West

Published on 29th September 2015

350 Pages

Reviewed by Yvonne Davies




What would you do if you saw 2 gorgeous men leave your local bar, well if you were Izzy then you follow them to see what they are up to. What she did not expect is what happened to her after they caught her. Everything Izzy had read in her paranormal books, Demonic portals Angels, Demons, and magic were coming true. To help her adjust to her powers was Lucas and Paval, both Guardians and like her both Promiscus. Promiscus are half breeds a mixture of good and evil and all have to battle their dark side. Lucas is half Angel and Vampire. Paval is half Faerie and Warlock. From the start there is a spark between Lucas and Izzy and when they finally got together I did let out a cheer. Izzy is very headstrong and knows what she wants, and although not experienced in her powers she makes them work usually just by luck. Lucas is your typical tall and brooding type, he did annoy me a bit with him being too overprotective but when you are a 700 half breed and has seen death you can understand how he is with Izzy. Paval is like your young irritating brother, who provides the comedy in the book which got even funnier when he joins up with Bernie and Carl.  Although I can imagine him in a tutu. Each character had their own individuality and even the minor characters had an important part to play in the story.

The story was full of action and the fight scenes were intense especially the final battle. It was well paced and kept my interest to the end. The ending was nicely done, which gives scope for further books and looking at the author’s books, book 2 and 3 are already out. Also Victor and Paval have their own books. This book will appeal to anyone who likes the paranormal and by the end I am sure you will have picked your favourite Guardian

A Darkening of Magic (Chosen Saga 0.5) by JL Clayton

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A Darkening of Magic (Chosen Saga 0.5) by JL Clayton

Published 29th August 2016

63 pages

Reviewed by Yvonne Davies


If you have read any of the Chosen Saga, then you have heard of the name Crispin. If not, then this is a good introduction to the character and to find out why he became so evil and fixated on Charlie.

After Crispin was born his father banished his mom from ever seeing him again. Jump on 5 years and we find an adorable lonely child using his magic to play with building blocks, but that was not what his evil father wanted. Over the next 20 years he trained him to becoming like him and how by killing everyone near to him.

Crispin is the character that we all love to hate but after reading this I did feel sorry for him, for the life he had and I can now understand why he turned out like he is.

This is a great quick read, which you can pick up and read if you have a spare 30 minutes. It is great to see the author writing with a more mature reader in mind. You will even find a sex scene in there which adds to the intense of Crispin’s behaviour. You will not find this in any of the first 3 books. I can’t wait to see if she writes a short story for each of the characters and am looking forward to book 4. Although I can understand why Crispin does what he does I am still #TeamJace.