The Eyes of the Dead: (The Vetala Cycle Book 1) by Greg James

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The Eyes of the Dead:  (The Vetala Cycle Book 1) by Greg James

Published by Manderghast Press on 17th December 2013

174 pages

Reviewed by Yvonne Davies



Set in WW1, it follows the journey of Private Wilson who is serving in Belgium. Earlier in the war Wilson was involved in a fire but having no memory of the incident, carries on doing his duty and fighting the Germans. Joining up with a new garrison, their orders were to take Black wood.   Brookes a very young soldier gets injured so its left up to Sargent Smithy and Private Wilson to try and save him and take Black Wood. Over time Private Wilson memories slowly come back and what a shock when he finally remembered what had happened.

This book combined the horror of vampires, rats and the factual horror of war, I don’t know what would be more scarier, meeting the large rats or crawling through the trenches whilst you are dodging bullets. The description of the war was quite a graphic and although I have never been one for reading about WWI, I really enjoyed this book. Everywhere Wilson went trouble followed and I kept wondering when he was going to break. Whilst reading it you could imagine yourself being there with him, the sight that he saw especially when the rats began to eat. I especially enjoyed reading the scenes set in the field hospital, because I think that is when you started to understand exactly what he had gone through and more of his supressed memories were starting to resurface.

My first book from this author and I have already downloaded book 2 in this series

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