Princess by Ariel Marie

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Princess by Ariel Marie

Published by Ariel Marie on 14th November 2015

146 pages

Reviewed by Yvonne Davies

Nadira Olaru is a nurse in a paranormal hospital, she also is a vampire princess. Having 4 older brothers who are a touch over-protective isn’t much fun for her. When she meets Cooper, a human detective, she knows that he is her chosen one, but how will her brothers react. Adding to the problem her brothers are part of The Dark Shadows, a group who protect vampires and humans and when dead bodies start turning up all over the city Cooper and her brothers have to work together to find out who is doing it.

The story is well written and a really quick read, this was due to the fact that the action is paced out throughout the book. I did feel sorry for Nadira and I felt that she did get smothered a bit by her brothers but as the story continued I could understand why they were doing it. Having older brothers, she knew how to stand up for herself and did not take any nonsense When Cooper and Nadira got together you could really feel the passion and I liked where the story went. This is the first in the Dark Shadow Series and the three more of the series are already out. With Nicu, Adrian, Toma, Teague and Cooper, I am sure that you will find at least one book boyfriend to lust over.    

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