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Hellspawn Odyssey by Ricky Fleet

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Hellspawn Odyssey by Ricky Fleet

Published by Optimus Maximus Publishing on 19th April 2016

263 pages

Reviewed by Yvonne Davies

Hellspawn Odyssey by [Fleet, Ricky] 

Following on from Hellspawn, Kurt and his family are still trying to get to the army base for protection. At the start of the book we get introduced to two new characters, and Ricky addresses a topic not openly discussed here in the UK-domestic violence on a male. Pete is a lovely guy that has one messed up girlfriend Debbie and I personally would have fed her to the zombies straight away. Throughout this book we get introduced to new characters and you can see cracks appear in the group.  There is more action in this book and with the added twists involving humans and zombies, Kurt and co really have their work cut out trying to survive. There is a moment in the book that left me with tears in my eyes as the scene was such a shock and so well written, but I understand why it needed to be done

All the characters have developed since Hellspawn as for them to survive they needed to harden up and although Kurt is stronger, he is doing it for the family he loves. There are scenes in this book that will make you laugh, cry and even shout out to warn the characters.  A great book that kept the suspense going right to the very end. The action started from page 1 and was so well written I finished reading it really quickly and I cannot wait for the 3rd book in the series. If you love zombies get the Hellspawn series

Thou Shalt Not edited by Alex Davis

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Thou Shalt Not edited by Alex Davis

Published by Scarier 51 (Tickety Boo Press) on 1st April 2016

151 pages

Reviewed By Yvonne Davies



We have all grown up with the Ten Commandments, but this book puts a spin on each of the commandments. Each story is about one of the ten commandments, and the ten authors who wrote the stories all have their own style and take on the commandments. This book was a quick read and it was great to read so many different authors, and I will be looking out for any more of their work. If you like horror, or stories with a twist than this is a book for you. You will find a story you will like and if like me you will have your favourites. I have decided to review my favourite 2

Dionysus by Jeff Gardiner. He took the commandment; Thou shalt not have no God before me and put his own twist on the story. If you have teenagers than you know how fixated they can get with a Rock or Pop star. The author uses this as the basis of his story. It follows 2 characters Ben and Emma whose idol is Dionysus a Rock star who everyone falls in love with. As you read this story, you get drawn in to how their lives revolve round the star and the ending was a totally surprise

My other favourite was:  The Dummies’ Guide to Serial Killing by Danuta Reah, who wrote about Thou Shalt not Kill. The story was about a young man who wanted to become a serial killer. He stumbles across a chat room where he could discuss his passion. I loved the way that the story was based around the chat room and concentrated on one main conversation between the young man and another chat room user and you are following him whilst he is planning his first murder, but there is an unexpected ending.



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Gutted: Beautiful Horror Stories

Published by Crystal Lake Publishing on 24th June 2016

380 Pages

Reviewed by Yvonne Davies

Gutted: Beautiful Horror Stories by [Barker, Clive, Gaiman, Neil, Campbell, Ramsey, Lucia, Kevin, M. Yardley, Mercedes, Tremblay, Paul, Angelica Walters, Damien, Thomas, Richard]

What can I say about this book, 15 short stories and a poem makes this book a great read.

Every story was different but what each one had in common was the way they were all beautifully written, the words just flowed to make such great stories. Like everyone who reads a collection of short stories I did have my favourites but I enjoyed reading every one of them and there was not a single one that I did not enjoy.

I will just mention the ones I enjoyed the most.

Arbeit Macht Frei by Lisa Mannetti. Eligia is remembering her time in a Nazi run concentration camp. This story shows that not all horror stories involve paranormal monsters, but human beings are as evil. Reading this gave me the shivers, we have all heard what happened to people in these camps, but the way it was written from a child’s POV made this more real.

Picking Splinters from a Sex Slave by Brian Kirk. Most of us have heard on the news of young girls that have been found after being abducted years before, but we never hear about the recovery period. This story is about the after effects of Meagan’s abduction and what lengths her dad has to go through to help her recovery. This would be any parent’s nightmare and as a mom of a daughter I don’t know if I could do what her dad did.

Water Thy Bones by Mercedes M Yardley. This story easily explains that beauty is not skin deep. Two troubled people meet up, Michael with a fascination of bones and Nikilie who wants someone to love her not just for her beauty on the outside. This story was so tastefully written, that I had tears in my eyes at the end of the story and even though you did not expect it, it was a beautiful ending.

On the other side of the door, everything changes by Damien Angelica Walters. A very topical story thanks to the popularity of social media. I have been lucky that I have never had to have a conversation with my teenagers on the other side of the door, but my heart went out to the mom wanting to know what is wrong and trying to find the right words. Both my teenagers understand Cyber bullying and the consequences but this story really explained it in such a dramatic way. I would get every child who delves in to social media to read this story as I think that it would stop a lot of them making the mistake of posting pictures.

When we all meet at the Ofrenda by Kevin Lucia. Day of the dead is a special holiday to celebrate the lives of your deceased loved ones, but for Whitey, this one was the first one he celebrated without his wife. This story was heart breaking and you could sense Whitey’s loses. What you don’t expect is the involvement of his sons. That is all I am saying

What has not been mentioned is the beautiful artwork from the cover to the pictures that accompanies each story. A great book and although I have read a couple of the author’s other books there are now more authors for me to look out for


Zombie XI

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Zombie XI by Pete Kalu
Published by HopeRoad on 28th July 2016



Reviewer: Yvonne Davies

Meet Leonard your typical 15 year old boy who likes football. The problem was that he never got a game, every Saturday he was on the substitute bench waiting for his chance. He spent most of the games daydreaming about his dad, watching his team losing by more goals every week. Until one Saturday whilst he was sitting on the bench with the other subs, he saw a flash of light by the nuclear power plant; thinking it was nothing he went home. Leonard’s home life was a typical one, his mom was looking for work and sister was a dressmaker who was making a name for herself by making costumes for carnivals. Going to bed he studied his favourite book, a book all about the 1966 England World Cup team. The following Saturday Leonard was back on the bench, joined by Eddie his friend that was as disappointed as him for not being able to get a game and Shabbi the only girl on the team that had an amazing throw in. Whilst the game was on, Leonard noticed in the distance a strange figure and that was the 1st time he saw the zombies. Throughout the book he sees the zombies who help him with his football skills.
This book is not just about zombies and football, it is about a boy who is growing up and wants to fit in, a boy who has his first crush and doesn’t know how to handle it, a boy who has to make a choice between football and drama and how he makes a compromise.
I really liked this story as it was a gentle read and will suit young teenagers and adults. Leonard is believable as a teenager. I enjoyed the story about the drama production and how the football team got better, thanks to Leonard and the help from the zombies. Although it was funny how they never appeared when the cats were in his bedroom. The only thing that I never understood was the reason for the zombie squad appearing with the flash of light/UFO that appeared at the beginning of the book. You do not have to like zombies or be a football fan to enjoy this book. If you like fantasy stories then this is a good book to read