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Night Things: Dracula versus Frankenstein by Terry M West

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Night Things: Dracula versus Frankenstein by Terry M West

Published by Pleasant Storm Entertainment Inc on 18th March 2016

238 pages

Reviewed by Yvonne Davies



What if Dracula and Frankenstein and other horror/paranormal creatures walk amongst us? Frankenstein known as Johnny Stucke has had a major falling out with Dracula and has gone off on his own to build his own empire in New York.  Like the Mob he had his fingers in many pies, including the selling of porn. Gary Hack a heroin addict is hired to produce these films that exploit paranormal creatures, this has not made him popular with the Dracula who is trying to organise the Night Things into taking over New York. Humans are panicking and trying to bring in extreme laws to protect themselves including The Horde Law which prevented no more than 3 zombies in one place at the same time and people who are close to Gary are being murdered and kidnapped. Gary can do only one thing but to go to Johnny for help.

I loved the way that the author combined two most historical horror characters and made it into a unique story. Frankenstein has a conscious and he cares for children especially if they are orphaned. I think he can see himself in them as he was alone until he met Dracula. This story is full of action that horror lovers will like from the killing of the mob boss to the zombie rampage. This a great story and a quick read. This is the first book I have read by Terry West and it won’t be the last. Next up Night Things: Undead and Kicking

The Crown of Stones: Magic-Price by CL Schneider

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The Crown of Stones: Magic-Price by CL Schneider

Published on 4th January 2014

503 pages 

Reviewed by Yvonne Davies    


Ian Troy is a Shinree bounty hunter and for the last 10 years has been avoiding everyone, trying to forget a most devastating mistake. Whilst at war Troy used the Crown of Stones and wiped out everyone including his Queen. Hiding the crown except a piece that he kept on his person, Troy thought that would be the end of it, but he was so wrong.  His enemies are gaining strength and are out for revenge. Whilst he is trying to track down who is out to kill him, he makes friends with too unlikely characters Malaq a prince born out of wedlock and Jarryd a messenger who is in love with a princess in danger. With the help of Sienn another Shinree he begins to learn to control his magic and starts to trust other people.

Ian is not your typical main character, and reminds me of a drug addict wanting to stay clean but is craving for his next fix. He has forced himself to stay away from magic and even when he knows he has to use it he is always thinking of others and does not want to kill the innocent. I imagine him to be the damaged hero and everyone he meets is trying to fix him in their own way. Malaq is confusing and you don’t know where his loyalties lie. In his own stumbling way he is trying to fix the country and wants his claim to the throne. Jarraq is the innocent one of the group but at the start of the book he very naive but as he continues on his journey he grows into a strong character.

This is a great start to an epic fantasy, and there is action from start to finish. With Ian as the unlikely hero you will definitely not get bored.  Although this book finishes on a slight cliff hanger, you do not have to wait to find out what happens as book 2 is out to buy.

The Eyes of the Dead: (The Vetala Cycle Book 1) by Greg James

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The Eyes of the Dead:  (The Vetala Cycle Book 1) by Greg James

Published by Manderghast Press on 17th December 2013

174 pages

Reviewed by Yvonne Davies



Set in WW1, it follows the journey of Private Wilson who is serving in Belgium. Earlier in the war Wilson was involved in a fire but having no memory of the incident, carries on doing his duty and fighting the Germans. Joining up with a new garrison, their orders were to take Black wood.   Brookes a very young soldier gets injured so its left up to Sargent Smithy and Private Wilson to try and save him and take Black Wood. Over time Private Wilson memories slowly come back and what a shock when he finally remembered what had happened.

This book combined the horror of vampires, rats and the factual horror of war, I don’t know what would be more scarier, meeting the large rats or crawling through the trenches whilst you are dodging bullets. The description of the war was quite a graphic and although I have never been one for reading about WWI, I really enjoyed this book. Everywhere Wilson went trouble followed and I kept wondering when he was going to break. Whilst reading it you could imagine yourself being there with him, the sight that he saw especially when the rats began to eat. I especially enjoyed reading the scenes set in the field hospital, because I think that is when you started to understand exactly what he had gone through and more of his supressed memories were starting to resurface.

My first book from this author and I have already downloaded book 2 in this series

Stake-Out (Paranormal Detectives Series Book 1) by Lily Luchesi

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Stake-Out (Paranormal Detectives Series Book 1) by Lily Luchesi

Published by Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly publishing on 17th May 2015

128 pages

Reviewed by Yvonne Davies

Detective Daniel Mancini has to go into early retirement due a stake out that goes horribly wrong. He is tracking a serial killer who turns out to be a vampire the trouble is nobody believes him and thinks he is crazy due to his injuries.

Two years later he gets a knock on the door and a beautiful agent Angelica Cross invites him to join a secret part of the FBI who investigates paranormal activity. She wants him to help her catch the vampire serial killer and as he knows the case he is the best man for the job. Whilst he gets trained in how to fight all things paranormal a close friend gets killed by the vampire causing Daniel to have an unhealthy hatred of all things vampires. Both Angelica and Daniel has their secrets but can they work together to solve the crime.

I really enjoyed this book and thought it was a great start to the series. I liked how the relationship between Angelica and Daniel was going and the prejudices they both faced. I love the idea of a human working with a paranormal and can’t wait to see how the series progresses. Angelica is one feisty lady and you can tell that she does not taking any nonsense. Daniel is your typical cop, always questioning everything and wants to get to the bottom of the mystery.

I am interested in finding out where their relationship will go but I don’t have to wait long as book 2 is already out

Princess by Ariel Marie

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Princess by Ariel Marie

Published by Ariel Marie on 14th November 2015

146 pages

Reviewed by Yvonne Davies

Nadira Olaru is a nurse in a paranormal hospital, she also is a vampire princess. Having 4 older brothers who are a touch over-protective isn’t much fun for her. When she meets Cooper, a human detective, she knows that he is her chosen one, but how will her brothers react. Adding to the problem her brothers are part of The Dark Shadows, a group who protect vampires and humans and when dead bodies start turning up all over the city Cooper and her brothers have to work together to find out who is doing it.

The story is well written and a really quick read, this was due to the fact that the action is paced out throughout the book. I did feel sorry for Nadira and I felt that she did get smothered a bit by her brothers but as the story continued I could understand why they were doing it. Having older brothers, she knew how to stand up for herself and did not take any nonsense When Cooper and Nadira got together you could really feel the passion and I liked where the story went. This is the first in the Dark Shadow Series and the three more of the series are already out. With Nicu, Adrian, Toma, Teague and Cooper, I am sure that you will find at least one book boyfriend to lust over.