The Lakeshore Evil by KC Harper

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The Lakeshore Evil by KC Harper

Published on 28th June 2014

203 pages

 Reviewed by Yvonne Davies th

Set in a little town called Lakeshore, this story is about a house and the families that resided there.

Lakeshore survives on winter tourism and it was rare for outsider to move into the community. However a family moves into 2782 Sedgewood Drive, domestic violence was the norm in the family, after one heated argument Katie the daughter fell down the basement stairs and died.

The house went empty for 20 years. The only visitors to it were ghost hunters wanting to see the ghost of Katie. As the tours dried up the Mayor decided that the house needed to be sold and a very rich family buy it. After they move in, strange happenings occur in the house every time there was anger in the house, including the appearance of Katie. 

Also drawn to the house was Skye, the real estate’s daughter, a very intelligent girl who was miss understood, although we don’t find out her importance to near the end of the book.

Due to the amount of minor characters in this book, I did get a bit confused with what was happening but the author had a way of explaining everything and when you think you know what is going to happen, the author throws in a twist that takes you by surprise. What starts out with one ghost soon grows to so much more.

It’s a good horror story and I loved the ending. No cliff-hanger and book 2 in the series is also out    


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