Zombie Zero

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Zombie Zero

Author: JK Norry
Published by Sudden Insight Publishing

Release date: 1st July 2016
Page count; 186 Pages


When you start reading this story, you think that it is another zombie story involving the military, but you will be very much mistaken. The main characters Professor Mallory, his daughter Elayna and 3 students Maya, Todd and Allen have all been invited to investigate a newly discovered chamber in one of the Great Pyramids in Egypt. Whilst investigating the chamber Maya comes across a sarcophagus which turns her into Zombie Zero, she quickly turns the rest of the group into zombies and gives them instructions on how to take over the world.
The majority of this book was written from the zombies’ point of view and it was a pleasant change. Also the zombies were not your usual shuffling groaning sort, they were intelligent, they had a game plan, and some even had a conscious and were trying to fight the hunger. The remainder of the story was about the humans trying to survive.
Before you start the story take time to read the acknowledgement, the author has used quite a few Indie Authors as characters and if like me you love the indie world you will recognise them or even find a new one to read.
I was shocked to read that this was the author’s first zombie book and I hope it will not be his last

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