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Author: Ricky Fleet
Published by Optimus Maximus Publishing

release date 31st December 2015
Page Count: 314 Pages
Reviewer: Yvonne Davies
I came across this book as a recommendation from another author, and I am so glad that I bought it.
The story is about a regular family just like you and I. Kurt the father has just finished work and sees a sight that is just not right. From that moment it is a case of getting his family and surviving. On the way he gets some extra members to the group, including Braiden that has bullied his son Sam all the way through school and a semi-retired teacher Gloria or Mrs Blume to her pupils.
What I loved about this book was that as regular family that had no survival training but through working as a team they learn how to survive. Using everyday items they come up with ingenious ways to kill the zombies and to get on with everyday tasks. The back stories involving the secondary characters really help tell the story and as a mother my heart went out to Braiden when I find out why he bullies Sam, and it doesn’t take Sarah long to start forgiving Braiden for what he has done to her son. The relationship between Kurt and his dad is a bit tense but again the author does a great job explaining the reasons. Now what can I say about Mrs Blume, I bet we all had a teacher like that at school, but what I loved, when the time came to survive she wasn’t your prim and proper elderly lady, and she is my favourite character.
Yes this book is about zombies but it is so much more, it about families, love and survival. This is so well written that I did not want this book to finish and I have downloaded book 2 to continuing with this family’s journey, Full of action and fast paced a must for zombie lovers

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